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Last Updated: Sunday, 3 February 2008, 08:31 GMT
Violence patrols over Six Nations
Man pushing a woman in her face
Levels of violence are seen to increase on match days
Special police patrols were launched as the 2008 Six Nations championships started in an attempt to prevent incidents of domestic violence.

Extra officers will be on duty in Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly counties during the rugby tournament.

It comes after research showed levels of domestic violence rose on match days.

Wales' rugby team played its first match against England on Saturday, winning by 26 to 19.

The dedicated patrols by Gwent Police will allow officers to respond quickly to reports of domestic violence.

Police say the extra consumption of alcohol on match days often led to an increase in incidents.

During the 2007 Six Nations, officers found that on match weekends, incidents of this nature were peaking earlier on in the day, around 2000 GMT.

It differed to non-match days which saw domestic violence incidents peaking at about 2300GMT.

Trigger factors

Similar patrols were also in operation in the area over the Christmas and New Year period.

During this time, statistics show that the offender had been drinking alcohol in 87% of the cases that the dedicated domestic violence patrols responded to.

Det Insp Bill Davies, said: "We are once again running these patrols to coincide with a period when known triggering factors for domestic violence can increase.

"We saw over Christmas and New Year, that alcohol was quite clearly a factor in the majority of incidents that the dedicated domestic violence patrols responded to.

"These patrols will provide a proactive campaign to tackling domestic violence, as we will be offering support to repeat victims, as well as responding to any incidents.

"By being prepared, we will hopefully demonstrate to offenders that we will not tolerate domestic violence, as well as providing support to victims with partner agencies," he added.

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