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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 January 2008, 09:09 GMT
4m city museum plans made public
The museum will look at Cardiff's past - this is Queen Street in 1886

The public have been invited to have their say on plans for a 4m museum about Cardiff and its history.

Sport, culture and communities are the main themes for the museum, which Cardiff Council plans to open in around two years time.

Project managers hope to feature a 3D interactive model of the city when it opens in the old library in The Hayes.

The museum was proposed after three temporary exhibitions about Cardiff's last 100 years attracted 48,000 people.

The public were invited to an open day at the old library on Tuesday and further consultation will take place.

The museum will take over two floors of the old library.

One gallery will tell the story of Cardiff and will continue to stage temporary exhibitions showcasing important periods or themes in the city's history.

The plans include an animated film, which illustrates the city's history and growth from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day.

Ann Teear with an old picture of herself
Visitors are being asked what they like most - and least - about the exhibitions
Sian Parry-Jones, Cardiff council

A history lab will encourage people to contribute their own stories and artefacts to the museum.

The collection process s already underway.

Museum project manager Claire Scales said: "We've been given an old electric clock which used to hang in a Cardiff shop.

"The clock has stopped at a quarter to five which happened when the entire UK was in the grip of the three day week in the 1970s and the electricity had been switched off.

"We want to feature more artefacts like this which reflect society at a particular time and have an interesting story behind them."

Cardiff council will provide 1.5m of the money needed to fund the museum which will be enough to kick start the project, said Sian Parry-Jones from the council.

The rest will come from fundraising and possible lottery grants although Ms Scales said it could be difficult to secure lottery funding because of competition from the 2012 Olympics.

"People can get a flavour of what the museum could be like if they visit one of a series of exhibitions we've been holding in the old library," said Ms Parry-Jones.

Sylvia Harris
Ms Harris is originally from India but has lived in Cardiff for 26 years

"Visitors are being asked what they like most - and least - about the exhibitions and their views will be taken into account when the design and content of the museum is being finalised."

Cardiff resident Sylvia Harris, who is originally from India, said she thought it was important museum officials spoke to people who came into Cardiff from different parts of the world.

"They are very much part of what has made Cardiff the way it is and I would hope the museum recognises them," she said.

The public can find out more about the museum development and make comments at the Cardiff museum website.

They can also add their own stories on the site and find out how to contribute photographs, films and other artefacts.

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