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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 October 2007, 14:06 GMT 15:06 UK
Spiritualist foretold lottery win
The family hope to buy caravans in Porthcawl with their winnings

Six family members have won 6.9m on the EuroMillions lottery after they had word from beyond the grave that they were to come into a fortune.

One of the relatives, Ceri Howe, 43, from Cardiff, had been going to a spiritualist since the death of her parents four years ago.

She was told that by September she would come into money.

The syndicate of family members - five brother and sisters and a mother-in-law - each won 1.16m while on holiday.

Ms Howe said she was with her brothers and sisters and their families in a caravan in Porthcawl, when they realised they had matched five numbers and a lucky star last Friday.

"It was my idea to buy the six lucky dips," said Ms Howe.

"My daughter phoned to tell me the numbers and as she read them out I was matching them. I was screaming and everyone else was screaming. We couldn't believe it."

We had a big party in the caravan on the night we won and we've only been out once [since the lottery win] to play Bingo where we won 11
EuroMillions winner Carl Prance

Among the numbers matched were those of three former family homes, including that of her late parents, Philip and Lynne Prance.

Ms Howe said: "I've been going to a spiritualist who said they had a message that by September I was going to have enough money to buy mine and my daughter's houses.

"So it just goes to show there is something in spiritualism."

Among the winners of the Prance syndicate were Ms Howe's brother Carl, 49, his mother-in-law Lilian Granger, 71, Steven Prance, 47, and sisters Jacquie Wood, 53, and Christine Mills, 52, all from Cardiff.

Train driver Carl Prance told how the family were intending to spend their cash buying luxury caravans in their favourite resort of Trecco Bay in Porthcawl.

"It will be millionaire's row," said Carl.

"We had a big party in the caravan on the night we won and we've only been out once to play Bingo where we won 11. It's just amazing."

The family are now trying to work out what else they will spend their money on but have booked a holiday to Tenerife in December.

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