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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 September 2007, 13:06 GMT 14:06 UK
Plaid's 'call us' offer to Brown
By Guto Thomas
BBC Wales political correspondent

Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown has yet to be in touch with Plaid, delegates will hear
Plaid Cymru has called on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to "pick up the phone sooner rather than later".

On the last day of Plaid's conference in Llandudno Adam Price MP delivered a speech outlining its position for the forthcoming general election.

Plaid strategists believe that an increasing polarisation between the Tories and Labour is likely.

They believe this raises the distinct possibility of a hung Parliament following the next general election.

In the closing speech of the conference, Mr Price, Plaid's director of elections, warned that we could well see the kind of coalition politics that occurred here in Wales following the assembly elections.

If this is the case he wants the Prime Minister Gordon Brown to get in touch to discuss a potential deal which will keep Labour in power.

Adam Price MP
"If you don't call us now you'll have to call us later if you don't want a Tory government
Adam Price, Plaid's elections director

Mr Price said that despite Mr Brown saying that he wants a government of all talents and open politics he is yet to get in touch with Plaid.

"There have been olive branches strewn across the political spectrum, offers of Cabinet seats to Ming Campbell, Tory grandees leading Government reviews.

"But so far nationalists need not apply. What is he afraid of?

"I've got a message for Gordon, pick up the phone.

"If you don't call us now you'll have to call us later if you don't want a Tory government".

He will also warn the prime minister that he cannot take Wales or Plaid for granted, and that Plaid will not hesitate to talk to other parties if Labour refuses to listen to their key demands.

Plaid is likely to base its Westminster election campaign on key policies similar to the pledges made during the assembly election campaign.

Ieuan Wyn Jones
Ieuan Wyn Jones gave his leader's speech on Friday

If Plaid comes to an agreement with Gordon Brown, it will expect a number of concessions for Wales.

These will include a cut in corporation tax, 1bn to eradicate child and pensioner poverty and a transfer of justice and policing matters to Wales.

Further key pledges will be for the assembly government to have a lead role on agricultural matters within the Council of Ministers in Europe, a high speed rail link between Wales and Europe and a fair share for Wales of 10bn Olympic investment.

On Friday in his leader's address to the conference Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones told his party that its ministers are "already making a difference in government".

But he told party members in Llandudno they must accept the responsibilities and "rise to the challenge of nation building within government".

Plaid entered government for the first time with an historic pact with Labour after May's assembly election.

Mr Jones told delegates their aim now was to "shape the Wales of the future".


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