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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 August 2007, 19:22 GMT 20:22 UK
Elvis tribute act sets gig record
Andy Woodward as Elvis outside Buckingham Palace
Where else for The King but a show outside Buckingham Palace?
London has been all shook up by a Welsh Elvis Presley tribute act on the 30th anniversary of "The King's" death.

Andy Woodward, voted Wales's best Elvis, has set a world record for live tribute performances in a day.

He held 30 performances throughout the capital city, include a final appearance on BBC1's The One Show.

He said: "For fans across the world it's a very, very important day. It was important for us to do something special today.""

Mr Woodward, 39, from Swansea, has been a semi-professional Elvis impersonator since April, and was voted the best in Wales at a competition in Porthcawl in June.

Andy Woodward as Elvis at the Albert Hall
Nobody will get to see him ever again, so tribute acts are probably the closest people will ever be to seeing him
Andy Woodward

He started his world record-setting challenge in the City, with following gigs including the High Court, and the London Eye.

He also pitched up at the zebra crossing in Abbey Road, the site of a famous Beatles' album cover.

Other venues included the Mall, Westminster and the pitch at Chelsea's ground, Stamford Bridge.

His costumes for the day included a white jumpsuit, a gold jacket and a leather outfit.

He said: "My immediate family were big rock'n'roll fans. I heard a lot of Elvis when I was growing up."

He has been singing rock'n'roll for the past 10 years which was why he had respect for how Elvis landed his title as "The King".

"Nobody will get to see him ever again, so tribute acts are probably the closest people will ever be to seeing him."

He told The One Show: "It's been a very very tiring day.

Andy Woodward as Elvis at Chelsea's ground, Stamford Bridge
Pitch perfect: Andy is all shook at up Chelsea's Stamford Bridge

"Mostly it was important for me today to pay respects to the king of rock and roll myself."

He has about 70 Elvis numbers in his repertoire and is practising another 30. His favourite, however, is Blue Suede Shoes.

He was transported around London on a customised Harley Davidson trike, and aims to raise 5,000 for the appeal for Wales' only dedicated children's hospital.

He had to rest his voice in preparation, and had cough sweets and cough medicine to hand.

After his appearance on The One Show he was returning to south Wales for a Blue Hawaii party in Porthcawl, attended by 10 other Elvis impersonators.

In September, Porthcawl hosts its annual Elvis Festival, complete with its own awards, The Elvies.

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