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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 August 2007, 05:52 GMT 06:52 UK
University debts 'lower' in Wales
Students in Wales can expect lower debts than those in England
University students in Wales have lower debts than their counterparts in England, a UK survey suggests.

It put the average annual student debt in Wales at 3,774, compared to 4,296 for students at English universities.

The projected debts at graduation for students in Wales is 11,496. For England the figure is higher by 1,593.

Johnny Rich, of the Push Student Debt Survey 2007, said: "It's good news for students in Wales - nobody wants higher debts."

Tuition fees in Wales are typically 1,200 per year, while they are around 3,000 in England and Northern Ireland.

Mr Rich said students in England often had help in covering the higher tuition fees.

Average for year 3,774
Project graduation debt 11,496
Rate of debt rise 8.8%

He said: "Although one pays 3,000 in England, there are bursaries and grants to help about half of all students, so I would not expect the 1,800 difference to be slapped on the debt, only a proportion of it."

The survey rated the University of Glamorgan as the institution in Wales with the highest rate of projected student debt, at 14,194 after a three-year course.

Swansea University was rated the lowest, at 9,057.

Student debt is rising more slowly in Wales, at 8.8% compared to 23.5% for the UK as whole and 25.5% for England, the survey found.

Mr Rich added: "The advantages of having a degree still vastly outweigh the costs. It doesn't matter which one you choose, it does matter that it's right for you.

"Welsh universities offer all that things that Wales offers. But Bangor, say, offers different things from Swansea."

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