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Police bus patrols cut violence
Newport Bus
Fewer attacks on buses have been reported
Stoning attacks on buses in Newport are said to have fallen since more police community support officers (PCSO) patrols were brought in.

The problem of youths attacking buses with stones and other missiles has been a growing problem over the years.

Recently, a bus driver needed hospital treatment after chemicals were thrown at his face through an open window.

Gwent Police have said that since the increased presence on the buses, fewer incidents have taken place.

Uniformed officers have patrolled the city's buses for the last four years.

Despite this, attacks by groups of youths have been a regular problem.

But an increase in the levels of patrols on the city's buses appears to be having a positive effect, say Gwent Police.

Fewer attacks

A spokesman for the force said: "Gwent PCSOs have been patrolling Newport buses recently to detect and deter some of the problems which have been occurring on local buses in the Maindee area, including attacks on drivers and incidents of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour."

The Ringland area of the city is also included in the scheme.

Inspector Geraint Evans, from Maindee said: "Uniformed PCSOs on buses have become part of our patrol strategy and future operations have been planned.

"We are working closely with Newport Transport and the police presence has had a positive effect throughout the community.

"Feedback has shown that it is reassuring to see officers on buses and provides a vehicle for local residents to talk openly with them in a more relaxed environment.

"The number of reports to police regarding incidents on buses has significantly decreased.

"In the past four weeks there has been one incident where young people were cautioned for throwing stones at a bus travelling on Chepstow Road."

Bosses at Newport Transport have welcomed the move.

Managing Director Trevor Roberts said: "Newport Transport have long been advocating police intervention and we are pleased to see that PCSOs on buses have become part of the police's regular patrol strategy for now and the future."

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