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Last Updated: Friday, 4 May 2007, 04:49 GMT 05:49 UK
Tory beats ex-minister Alun Pugh
Alun Pugh
Alun Pugh's defeat halts a long ministerial career
Labour's Alun Pugh has been defeated in the marginal seat of Clwyd West and became the only assembly minister to lose a seat at the election.

The seat was won by Conservative Darren Millar with a majority of 1,596.

The winner had been criticised during the campaign over his alleged comments claiming homosexuality was a "sin".

Culture and Sport Minister Mr Pugh also attracted criticism after 3,000 of public money was spent on a Christmas card showing his picture.

Mr Pugh was also responsible for the Welsh language in the last assembly government.

He had had a long ministerial career serving as deputy health and social services minister and deputy education minister during the first assembly term.

Darren Millar
Darren Millar insists he is against all forms of discrimination

He attracted criticism though his 2006 Christmas card showing him holding a version of Scrabble in Welsh.

He claimed he had the cards printed to be "innovative" in promoting the language but Plaid Cymru called it a "misuse of public money" after more than 3,000 went on legal advice about copyright.

He was also accused of snubbing a Welsh sports showcase during this campaign when he failed to attend a dinner held in Cardiff ahead of the announcement of the host of Euro 2012 football tournament, preferring to spend the day campaigning in his constituency instead.

In 2006 he was sacked as a columnist for the Western Mail after he called the paper's coverage of issues "a bit of a joke".

Mr Millar was alleged to have made his controversial remarks about homosexuality at a public meeting but he insisted the comments were taken out of context and he had said he was against all discrimination.

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