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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 April 2007, 12:24 GMT 13:24 UK
Force of boxer's punch measured
Enzo Maccarinelli in training
The science of boxing - Enzo Maccarinelli in action
Scientists at Swansea University have discovered the instantaneous force of a champion boxer's punch equates to 3.5 tonnes.

Art motion capture equipment was used to detect that WBO world cruiserweight champion Enzo Maccarinelli was twice as powerful than the average person.

The 26-year-old is reputed to have one of the hardest punches in the sport and his 24 wins have included 18 knockouts.

The study is due to feature on BBC One's Blue Peter, 1700 BST on 5 April.

Dr Iwan Griffiths, a lecturer in sports science in the university's School of Human Sciences, measured the Swansea-born boxer's against a standard punchbag.

He used the motion capture technology to track each punch and to measure how quickly the punchbag moved on being hit.

"It is then just a question of working backwards," said Dr Griffiths.

Enzo Maccarinelli with Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones
Date of birth: 19/08/80
Height: 6ft 4ins
Fighting weight: Around 200lbs (90kg)
Trainer: Enzo Calzaghe
Record: Won 25 (KOs 19), Lost 1, Drew 0
Inspiration: His father, who owned a gym and made him train when he was growing up.

"By measuring the bag's movement, we can calculate the amount of force applied. The theory behind the process is called inverse dynamics."

But Dr Griffiths was keen to avoid direct comparisons between the force of Maccarinelli's punch and any real life situations.

"Although 3.5 tonnes is roughly the weight of a large van, it isn't possible to say that being punched by Enzo is like being hit by a van.

"His punch is all about instantaneous force - the fraction of a second that the force is generated.

"Vans have a constant force and being hit by a 3.5 tonne vehicle is clearly a different prospect," he added.

Maccarinelli will defend his cruiserweight title for the second time against Bobby Gunn on 7 April at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

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