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Mother's shock at captive sailor
Lt Felix Carman
Lt Carman is among the crew to be broadcast on TV
The mother of a naval officer held captive in Iran has spoken of her shock at seeing footage of her son broadcast on TV by his captors.

Felix Carman, 26, from Gower, is among 15 Royal Navy sailors and Royal Marines being held in Tehran.

Two more of those held are from Wales - Corporal Dean Harris from Carmarthen and a serviceman from Wrexham.

Lt Carman's mother, Alison Carman, said her son was an "optimistic person" who would remain positive.

She told the South Wales Evening Post her last words to her son before he sailed to the Gulf on HMS Plymouth in January were: "Come back home safely."

He is an incredibly optimistic person and I know he will remain positive throughout this
Alison Carman

Mrs Carman said her and husband Paul had often watched TV coverage of the captives through the night in an effort to catch a glimpse of their son.

She said both were shocked to see him broadcast in new footage of the hostages released on Sunday evening.

"It was a shock to see him on TV but we were glad to see he looked fit and well," Mrs Carman said.

"I am pleased he looked very healthy.

"We are in touch with the Ministry of Defence on a daily basis and they are keeping us in touch with any news.

"He is an incredibly optimistic person and I know he will remain positive throughout this, chivvying along his mates as well."

Friends of Lt Carman in Port Eynon, Gower, said he was a "strong person" and that their thoughts were with him.

Carl Palmer, who worked in the village shop with Lt Carman, said: "He said back then that he was going in for the Navy, he was in the process of joining the RNLI at that time.

Corporal Dean Harris
Dean Harris is among the 15 service personnel being held

"It was a bit of a shock when I found out what happened in Iran. Of course, we hope he comes back safely

"[He is] a strong person, willing to talk to anyone, friendly, sociable, so there shouldn't be any concern with what happens verbally out there - he can pull himself out of anything I suppose."

Also being held is 24-year-old Corporal Dean Harris, from Carmarthen and an unnamed serviceman from Wrexham.

The 15 sailors were seized by the Iranian military while searching a merchant vessel in the Gulf.

According to the UK, the Navy crew was in Iraqi water, while Iran has claimed the sailors strayed into its territory.

Many of the 15 personnel have been filmed and broadcast apparently admitting they were in Iranian territorial waters at the time of capture by Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

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