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Last Updated: Monday, 2 April 2007, 15:30 GMT 16:30 UK
Smoker builds 'pub' to avoid ban
Kerry Morgan

A smoker opposed to new laws banning lighting up in public places in Wales has built his own "pub" in his garden.

Kerry Morgan, from Briton Ferry, near Neath, has constructed a 90-seat bar complete with jukebox, big screen TV, beer on draught and no ban on smoking.

Because all the pub-goers are "invited" by Mr Morgan they do not constitute the public, and avoid being subject to the new law.

The ban on smoking in enclosed public places became law in Wales on 2 April.

Pubs, restaurants, offices and public transport are all covered by the ban, with those found ignoring it facing on-the-spot fines of 50.

Those in charge of premises could also be fined for allowing smoking.

'Ridiculous law'

Mr Morgan, 50, who gives away the drinks, said he acted because he was so annoyed by the new law.

The building has been named the Malcolm Davies Bar after a close friend who died last year from a heart attack.

Kerry Morgan and guests at his "pub"
Guests are invited by Mr Morgan - with drinks on the house

"It is a stand against this ridiculous law," he said.

"[It is] nothing more than a stand but it is proving to be very popular.

"I don't want anyone dictating to me what I can and cannot do when I go to my local pub.

"I will not be going any more - I am going to pop round here instead."

Mr Morgan, a property developer, said he had already given up taking holidays in Ireland and the United States because of anti-smoking rules there.

He added: "Anti-smokers are going over the top as far as I am concerned.

"I work hard all week and when I go to the pub on a weekend I want to relax in the way I want to.

"That happens to be holding a pint in one hand and a ciggie in the other."

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