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Last Updated: Friday, 30 March 2007, 05:49 GMT 06:49 UK
Timeline: Burberry plant closure
Burberry have ended production at its factory in south Wales, with the loss of hundreds of jobs.

Here are the key events in campaign to save the Treorchy plant.

29 MARCH 2007

Production ends at Treorchy.

24 MARCH 2007

Bands including The Automatic and Goldie Lookin Chain take part in the Burberry Workers' Concert.

5 MARCH 2007

Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed meets Burberry workers and says he will place orders for clothing with them.

2 MARCH 2007

Burberry management offers a multi-million pound package to workers in the form of a loyalty bonus and a 1.5m Community Trust Fund.

27 FEBRUARY 2007

MPs on the Welsh Affairs Select Committee question Burberry bosses on the factory closure. Burberry directors say there is no chance of keeping the factory open.

14 FEBRUARY 2007

Valentine's Day protests are held outside Burberry stores in London, Paris, New York, Chicago and Las Vegas.

11 FEBRUARY 2007

Bafta nominee Michael Sheen backs the workers' campaign.


Burberry pulls out of sponsoring the Bafta nominees' dinner.


Factory staff are planning a demonstration at the Bafta nominees' reception in London, it is announced.

27 JANUARY 2007

Workers stage protests at London Burberry stores.

26 JANUARY 2007

Burberry offers the Treorchy factory and its assets to the local community, valuing them at 1m. Unions dismiss the offer as a "PR stunt".

24 JANUARY 2007

A dinner for nominees for the Orange British Academy Film Awards will be snubbed by Welsh Bafta members, because it is being sponsored by Burberry, it is announced.

22 JANUARY 2007

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson adds his support.

21 JANUARY 2007

Sir Tom Jones joins the campaign to keep the factory.

10 JANUARY 2007

Campaigners vow to keep up the fight as Burberry announces the factory will close on 30 March.

7 JANUARY 2007

Actress Emma Thompson says taking jobs abroad would make Burberry appear "greedy and unethical" as she joins the Keep Burberry British campaign.

24 DECEMBER 2006

Burberry offer staff a Christmas gift of a Burberry scarf and 30 to spend on its products. Trade union officials say the gesture is a "complete insult".

26 NOVEMBER 2006

Actor and Burberry model Ioan Gruffudd joins the campaign. He writes to Burberry chief executive Angela Ahrendts urging her not to close the factory.

18 NOVEMBER 2006

More than 100 Burberry workers travel to London to demonstrate outside the company's flagship stores as part of their Keep Burberry British campaign.


Burberry proposes closing its Treorchy polo shirt factory at the end of the year with the loss of more than 300 jobs, following a year-long review.

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