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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 March 2007, 15:54 GMT
Davidson condemns Trident update
Trident nuclear submarine
MPs will vote on Trident on Wednesday
A Welsh cabinet minister has condemned the UK Government's plans to update the Trident nuclear weapons system.

Education Minister Jane Davidson said she is opposed to renewing Trident and is concerned the decision is being taken too quickly.

The UK Government is facing a possible Labour rebellion in the Commons over plans in Wednesday's vote on the issue.

Speaking on BBC Wales' Politics Show, Ms Davidson denied she was trying to interfere in Westminster matters.

Ms Davidson said that that all members of the public should have their say.

"We don't need to take a firm and final decision at a debate this week in parliament," she said.

Jane Davidson
Ms Davidson said the public should have a say on Trident

"This is a matter, I believe, for every Labour party member, in fact it's a matter for everybody in the United Kingdom, because what we are talking about is weapons whose purpose is killing and I feel that the evidence base has to be greater than ever before if you're taking those kinds of big decisions."

The AM for Pontypridd also insisted that she has the support of First Minister Rhodri Morgan in speaking out although she refused to say if he agreed with her.

She said at least one other assembly cabinet member, the finance minister Sue Essex, shared her view on Trident and had put her name to a statement she had issued.

Ms Davidson also denied her attack had anything to do with any future Welsh Labour leadership contest.

She said it had "absolutely nothing to do with it".

A BBC survey of Labour backbenchers at Westminster found 64 out of 101 who responded opposed renewal. One ministerial aide has said he will resign over the issue.

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