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Last Updated: Monday, 12 March 2007, 07:10 GMT
The 'Wales 60' speak their minds
Wales 60 members

With politicians gearing up for the Welsh assembly elections on 3 May, the BBC has put together a group of voters ready to tell them what they think.

The Wales 60 - one for every Assembly Member - represent a balanced range of views from across the nation.

They will be giving their opinions on the BBC news website, TV and radio throughout the campaign.

They came forward after BBC Wales urged anyone who wanted to have their views heard to get in touch.

The 60 people who have been selected include first-time voters, a student nurse, supermarket workers, a war veteran, a firefighter, a businessman and pensioners, to name but a few.

They all want to air their views on a range of issues about which they feel passionate.

North WalesMid and West WalesSouth Wales EastSouth Wales WestSouth Wales Central

Not surprisingly, many of them are concerned about the big issues expected to feature prominently: health, education, the environment and jobs.

But other topics also pre-occupy some of the 60, such as a lack of engagement between politicians and the young, illegal dog-fighting, citizenship, equal opportunities for black people and house prices in rural areas.

There may also be some surprises during the campaign as the Wales 60 get to challenge and question the politicians.

They, like other voters across the country, want answers to the big questions before Wales makes up its mind on polling day.

There will be regular updates on the views of the Wales 60 - and, of course, detailed coverage of the elections - on the BBC news website, and TV and radio throughout the campaign.

  • BBC Wales is inviting people to take part in three debates in the run-up to the election.

    They will be recorded in Swansea on 15 April, Llandudno on 22 April, and Cardiff Bay on 29 April.

    Tickets are limited, but if you would like to take part, e-mail debatewales@bbc.co.uk, or call 08700 100775. Calls from a BT line cost up to 8p per minute (some operators and mobiles vary) and may be recorded for training.

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