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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 14:56 GMT 15:56 UK
Test your Welsh assembly know-how
So how much do you know about the Welsh assembly?

It is eight years since the first assembly sat in Cardiff Bay, and in many ways devolution is still finding its feet.

Surveys suggest public awareness of the assembly is low, with one recent poll showing that half of Welsh electors did not know that elections were due this year.

Here's your chance to show off your assembly prowess. No prizes, though - just a warm glow of self-satisfaction if you get more than a handful right.

You can check your answers at the bottom of the quiz.

Question 1
How often are assembly elections held?
A: Every five years
B: Every four years
C: It's up to the assembly government
D: Every two years
Question 2
How many assembly members will be chosen on 3 May?
A: 40
B: 60
C: 80
D: 100
Question 3
When did the assembly first sit?
A: 1997
B: 1998
C: 1999
D: 2000
Question 4
Who was the assembly's first leader, or 'First Secretary’?
A: Rhodri Morgan
B: Ron Davies
C: Alun Michael
D: Dafydd Wigley
Question 5
Who most famously described Welsh devolution as “a process, not an event”?
A: Owain Glyndwr
B: Ron Davies
C: Tony Blair
D: Prince Charles
Question 6
Who has been the assembly’s presiding officer since it began work?
A: Jane Davidson
B: David Tennant
C: John Marek
D: Dafydd Elis-Thomas
Question 7
What was the majority in the 1997 devolution referendum which created the assembly?
A: 67,210
B: 672,100
C: 6,721
D: 672
Question 8
Who was the first leader of the Conservatives in the assembly?
A: John Redwood
B: William Hague
C: Rod Richards
D: David Cameron
Question 9
Who leads the Liberal Democrats in the assembly?
A: Sir Menzies Campbell
B: Mike German
C: Lembit Opik
D: Kirsty Williams
Question 10
Who designed the assembly's new Cardiff Bay home, the Senedd?
A: Zaha Hadid
B: Vivienne Westwood
C: Richard Rogers
D: Gilbert and George
Question 11
How much did the Senedd cost to build?
A: £27m
B: £67m
C: £207m
D: £307m
Question 12
Who officially opened the Senedd on 1 March, 2006?
A: The Prince of Wales
B: Dame Helen Mirren
C: Charlotte Church
D: The Queen

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