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Asbo OAP 'string of convictions'
Dorothy Evans
Dorothy Evans was described as an elderly lady with a lot of ailments
An 81-year-old woman accused of making her neighbours' lives "absolute hell" has a string of convictions involving neighbour disputes, a court has heard.

Dorothy Evans, from Abergavenny, Monmouthsire, denies harassment and breaching an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo).

Mrs Evans had previously been convicted of harassment and breaching restraining orders, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Neighbours Angela and Roberto Casa said they encountered daily abuse.

On Wednesday, the jury heard how Mrs Evans had told the Casas' 13-year-old daughter she was a witch and would cast a spell on her family and kill her pet dog.

Angela Casa described several neighbourly disputes, including over parking and flooding problems. She claimed the pensioner called her a prostitute and that she tried to run her off the road on several occasions and had hit her with a walking stick.

Mr Casa then said 'We would all be better off when she's 6ft under'
Barbara Thomas, daughter

She told the court that her family feared she would have a nervous breakdown and that her daughter had been so badly affected by her comments about her being a witch that she insisted on wearing a crucifix.

Taking to the witness stand on Thursday, Mrs Evans' daughter Barbara Thomas, who lives with her in Park Crescent, said it was the Casas who were the antagonists.

She told the jury on one occasion she was sitting with her mother in a car outside her house when Mr Casa put a hosepipe through an open passenger window and drenched her mother. Mr Casa had previously denied the claim.

On another, she claimed Mr Casa approached them in an aggressive manner and swore at them, telling them to move their car further down the road.

"Mr Casa then said 'We would all be better off when she's 6ft under'," the jury heard.

I've never seen her aggressive to the Casa family. I have seen the Casa family aggressive to my mother
Barbara Thomas

"I said 'leave her alone', and he said 'I won't stop until I get her from here. The police will believe us and not you two'."

Prosecutor Phillip Morris told the court that Mrs Evans had four previous convictions for harassment and eight convictions for breaching a restraining order, between 1999 and 2005.

He asked Mrs Thomas if her mother could be aggressive.

"My mother is an elderly lady, very deaf, with a lot of ailments. Respectable people take those things into consideration," she said.

"I've never seen her aggressive to the Casa family. I have seen the Casa family aggressive to my mother."

Angela Casa leaving court
Mrs Casa said the pensioner made her life 'absolute hell'

Mr Morris asked if her mother responded in anyway.

"She gets very upset over it, which is understandable when respect isn't given to elderly people," Mrs Thomas answered.

She told the court they enjoyed a good relationship with their neighbours until January 2006 when they told the Casas water from their property was leaking on to their premises.

The jury were shown a photograph Mrs Thomas had taken of Mrs Casa looking through Mrs Evans' garage window.

Mrs Thomas told the court she kept cameras in the car, hallway and garage to take pictures of any "evidence".

When asked why she did not take a photograph of her mother being soaked by Mr Casa's hosepipe, Mrs Thomas replied: "I should have."

Mrs Evans was due to give evidence on Thursday, but the court heard she did not feel well enough.

She was charged with two counts of harassing her next door neighbours in Park Crescent, and six charges of breaching an Asbo.

Late on Thursday Judge Roderick Denyer directed the jury to find Mrs Evans not guilty of the harassment charge regarding Mr Casa.

The jury is expected to be sent out to consider its verdict on Friday.

Asbo pensioner's 'witch' threat
21 Feb 07 |  South East Wales

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