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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 February 2007, 18:39 GMT
Woman 'forced to lie in dog bed'
Paul Lidford
Paul Lidford said allegations of systematic abuse were untrue
A woman was forced by her partner to lie in a dog's bed and threatened with assault if she looked out from under the blanket, Mold Crown Court heard.

The 27-year-old claimed on one occasion ex-soldier Paul Lidford had repeatedly kicked her in the back for looking out.

He subjected her to name calling, thumping, and kicking over five years, Mold Crown Court heard.

Mr Lidford, of Denbigh, said the claims were made up, and denies four specimen counts of assault. The trial continues.

Mr Lidford, formerly of the First Battalion, the Royal Welch Fusiliers, would make the woman stand naked, facing a wall as a punishment, prosecutor Andrew Jebb told the jury.

If she moved he would push her face into the wall, he said.

I had to fit all my body into the dog's bed and put the blanket over my head
Paul Lidford's former partner

Mr Lidford, now a self-employed heating engineer, agreed it sounded like an Army punishment, but told the court he had not done it.

His former partner had reported matters to the police in the past, but had subsequently withdrawn her allegations, the court heard.

She had tried to withdraw the present allegations, and had had to be summonsed to court.

The woman told the jury she had not wanted to give evidence, but realised it was the only way she could bring it all to an end.

She described how Mr Lidford had made her lie in the dog's bed.

"He would say that he would hurt me if I didn't lie in it," she said.

Mold Crown Court
The hearing at Mold Crown Court was adjourned until Thursday

"I had to fit all my body into the dog's bed and put the blanket over my head.

"He told me not to move or he would batter me. It happened about five times."

On one occasion she had moved the blanket and had been dragged out of the dog's bed by the hair and kicked repeatedly to the bottom of her back, she told the court.

"I had swelling to the bottom of my spine and bruising all over my back," she said.

The court heard that she could not move her legs and thought she was seriously hurt, but Mr Lidford had refused to call an ambulance.

'Paranoid and jealous'

She told the court Mr Lidford was controlling, and had destroyed everything she had, her confidence, her photographs, and her property.

She claimed he had removed window locks in her flat so he could enter when he wanted.

Mr Lidford said he had assaulted his former partner on one occasion in 2003 and had pleaded guilty to it before Denbigh magistrates.

However, he said allegations of systematic physical and emotional abuse were not true.

He said his former partner was confident and would never have stood for such behaviour, and had been paranoid and jealous during the relationship.

Mr Lidford said she had made up the allegations because of a large telephone bill showing he had been texting another girl.

The case was adjourned until Thursday when the jury are expected to retire to consider their verdict.

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