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Last Updated: Monday, 5 February 2007, 22:02 GMT
Couple's Welsh grapefruit shock
Mrs Latham with the grapefruit
Mrs Latham said they had not expected the tree to produce fruit
A Swansea couple have spoken of their amazement at discovering grapefruit growing in their garden in winter.

Juanita and John Latham, from West Cross, planted the tree 10 years ago when they cut open a grapefruit and found a tiny plant growing inside.

The couple, who are both in their eighties, said it was the first time the tree had produced any fruit.

Mrs Latham said: "It has all caused quite a stir and whatever the reason I think it is quite an achievement."

Mr Latham, 88, said they had the surprise of their lives when they cut open the grapefruit some years ago.

The grapefruit
"The fruit are a good size but only about half of what you would expect."
Juanita Latham

"Inside was a tiny plant with two leaves, a stem and tiny roots," he recalled. "If I'd have cut it the wrong way it would have been destroyed.

"I took it out and put it in a pot with compost and put it in the greenhouse and eventually in the garden.

"We are both interested in climate change and think this is an example of global warming," he added.

Mrs Latham, 83, said they had not expected the tree to produce fruit.

"It did get a small bud a few years ago but it shrivelled up and fell off," she explained.

"But we have had a very mild winter. Even our apple tree had blossom on it a couple of weeks ago."

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