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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 17:46 GMT
Tell us how Wales should be run
Betsan Powys
BBC Wales political editor

Betsan Powys and a voter
In Pontypridd market, people told me what they think of the assembly
The Welsh assembly has power over key areas of our lives - including health, the environment and education.

In May, voters will go to the polls to decide who will run Wales for the next four years.

As part of its election coverage, the BBC is looking for 60 people from all walks of life to give their views on crucial issues right up to polling day.

People from this group - the BBC Wales 60 - will take part online, on radio and on television.

Anyone living in Wales can be involved - whether or not you intend to vote - with the chance to have your say on election issues as varied as the NHS and public transport, teaching standards and recycling.

With the Welsh assembly assuming beefed-up powers from May, the political parties could be making some interesting pledges over the coming months but will their promises reflect what is important to you and your family?

Launching the Wales 60 campaign at Pontypridd market, I was struck by how passionately people felt about certain issues - some very local matters, others national or global.

But there was a split between those who believed a particular politician or party was on the right track on the issues they cared about and those who did not.

Why a Wales 60?

Well, 60 assembly members will be elected on 3 May so it is the perfect number of voters to counter-balance the politicians...

If you would like to be part of BBC coverage of the Welsh assembly election please email us at:


Please include a few brief details about yourself - your age, what you do and where in Wales you live, together with your comments on the election campaign ahead.

Or call the BBC Information Line on 08700 100 775, and leave your details.

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