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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 December 2006, 20:15 GMT
Fog causes disruption to flights
Fog at Cardiff International Airport
The cancellations led to an empty check-in lounge overnight
Dense fog is continuing to cause disruption at Cardiff International Airport with flights cancelled, diverted and delayed.

On Wednesday night there were no flights in or out of the terminal. Some passengers were bussed to other airports or to their destination.

British Airways has called off all of its domestic flights from Heathrow.

Although some Cardiff flights are departing, passengers have been advised to phone airlines before leaving home.

Passengers flying to Alicante from Cardiff on Thursday morning were taken by coach to Bristol, where an alternative flight was laid on.

Six domestic arrivals and departures, to and from Edinburgh, Belfast and Glasgow, were cancelled. Flights from Dublin, Cork and Galway were either diverted to Bristol or being cancelled.

Damien Burns was among those caught up in the delays when he arrived shortly after 0400 GMT for a flight to Ireland.

Fog at Cardiff International Airport
Domestic arrivals and departures were cancelled on Thursday morning

He said: "I still hold out hope that I might be able to get a flight from another airport or in the worst case maybe a ferry, but I haven't checked whether or not they're still running yet.

"It's not particularly good, but if the weather's bad, the weather's bad, there's not a lot you can do."

One woman who had been putting children on a Scottish flight said they were going to drive them half way to meet family.

Peter Phillips, from Cardiff airport, said on Thursday evening that the public had coped remarkably well with the disruption although only two flights had departed from the airport during the daytime.

Some flights in the evening, including to Dublin, Newquay and Amsterdam, were cancelled and other arriving from overseas were running hours behind schedule.

Mr Phillips told BBC Wales: "If there was no fog tomorrow we would still be finding delays and cancellations because the aircraft will be in the wrong places.

If people remember to contact their airline and follow their airline's instructions they won't even have to wait in the terminal
Peter Phillips, Cardiff airport

"No matter what happens because of the disruption there will be some delays even if there was perfect sunshine."

Mr Phillips said the airport had not been busy because people had followed advice to call airlines for information in advance.

"If people remember to contact their airline and follow their airline's instructions they won't even have to wait in the terminal," he said.

"We've been amazed by how well people are dealing with this. People have been very understanding, and very patient, and we would like to thank the Welsh public."

Fog also caused reduced visibility along the M4 corridor in south Wales.

The BBC Weather Centre says the poor conditions are set to continue for the next few days when many people will be travelling for the festive break.

It warned that the weather was likely to cause problems for motorists right up to Christmas.

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