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Public to pick Walk of Fame stars
Glyn Wise at the launch
Big Brother contestant Glyn Wise was on hand for the launch
A Hollywood-style Walk of Fame is to be created in Cardiff to honour Welsh stars past and present.

The first 30 plaques - to be made of Welsh slate - will be laid in October 2007. The names will be chosen by a public vote next year.

The walk will run from Roald Dahl Plass, outside the Millennium Centre, down to the waterfront.

The project was launched by Big Brother contestant Glyn Wise and local council leaders.

Stars like Sir Anthony Hopkins and Richard Burton - who already feature on Hollywood's Walk of Fame - and Catherine Zeta Jones could be celebrated in the Welsh version.

Singers Tom Jones and Charlotte Church, rugby legends Gareth Edwards and Neil Jenkins, and politicians like former prime minister David Lloyd George, are other likely contenders for a pavement plaque.

The Welsh national walk of fame academy will draw up nominations from five categories: business achievement and politics, history and the arts, television and film, music, and sport.

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster
Sir Anthony Hopkins features in Hollywood's Walk of Fame

The nominations will be put to the public vote in April.

The first 30 plaques will celebrate five stars from each category with a further five honorary stars added.

Councillor Nigel Howells, from Cardiff Council said: "With the walk of fame being situated at Roald Dahl Plass, in the centre of Cardiff Bay, this will provide a year-round visitor attraction, which I am sure will be popular with both Welsh and international visitors alike."

The landmark will be developed by Brighton-based company Celebrity Walk of Fame.

Managing director Bill Murray said: "Wales has proven to be a fountain of talent and the Welsh National Walk of Fame will recognise the stars that the country has produced throughout its history.

"We expect a fantastic response from famous Welsh faces who would be honoured to be receiving such an accolade."

Who do you think should be honoured in the walk of fame? Below is a selection of your comments.

I think Stereophonics should be on the walk of fame! They are extremely talented and not given nearly enough credit.
Samantha Pullin, High Wycombe, England

I think Tom Jones should be honoured in the walk of fame. One good reason my boss at work cant stand the man and it will give our boss something else to moan about.
ade, Cardiff

What about Sir George Everest, who had Mount Everest named after him? Born in Crickhowell, he was.
nick, Cardiff, Wales

Collectively, James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore of the Manics have done more for putting Wales on the map over such a long period of time than any other star mentioned here
Jane Edwards, London, UK

Let it not be restricted to Media stars but include likes of Johnny Owen, John Charles, Howard Winston and other sporting greats.
John Richards, Swansea

Excuse me but isn't Anthony Hopkins no longer refered to as Sir because he's now an American citizen, you don't call Bob Geldof Sir Bob in your news reports.
Des, Berkshire

How about the only "real" welsh entertainer Max Boyce.
Bryan Holland-Bunch, Stourbridge England

Anthony Hopkins, without a doubt! A shame that it'll be all the way in Cardiff and a complete pain for those of us who don't live in the South to visit, as per usual.
Nia Edwards-Behi, Bangor/Aberystwyth

Manic Street Preachers, John Charles and Ivor the Engine are my personal top three, although so many great things come form Wales.
Catherine Rogan, Woking, UK

James Dean Bradfield, one of the uk best songwriters of the past decade!
chris blight, henllys, south wales

Laura Ashley - Designer and Entrepreneur who has shown a strong commitment to Art and Design, and to Wales
fiona fahlin, chorley, england

nye bevan, owain glyndw enough said
m davies, bridgend south wales

Manic Street Preachers should get one of the plaques. They've done a lot for Welsh music etc.
Kitty Olesen, Odense, Denmark

Matt Lucas, The only star in the village.
Paul, Strathclyde

Billie Piper, Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant, for obvious reasons.
gabor kovacs, Southampton, UK

Business achievement and politics = Gwynfor Evans / Aneurin Bevan. History and the arts = Hywel Dda / Owain Glyndwr / Kyffin Williams. Television and film = Richard Burton / Anthony Hopkins. Music = Evan and James James / Tom JOnes / Super Furry Animals. Sport = Stephen Jones (after leading Wales to win the Grand Slam and World Cup next year).
Guto, Cardiff, Wales

Howard Marks! Forn services to literature, journalism and the counterculture.
Gwyn , Crewe, UK

Ryan Giggs should be given a plaque. He is a respected ambassador for Wales all over the world and he has achieved great things.
Jim, Liverpool

Terry Cobner for the finest try ever scored by a member of the British Lions.
Tim, London

T.E. Lawrence(Lawrence of Arabia).
Ian J, Swansea

Brian David Josephson (born Cardiff, Wales, UK, January 4, 1940) is, I beleive the only welsh born winner of a Nobel Prize (Physics in 1973 for the discovery of the Josephson effect). Surely there should be at least one scientist on the list
dave dunbar, Swansea

Robert Recorde pioneer mathematician and the inventor of the equals sign
David Colven, Oxford

Sir Julian Hodge. He was one of Wales biggest ever philanthropists and the man responsible for putting cardiff on the financial map.
john beecham, Cardiff

Rob Brydon and Rhys Ifans - maverick Welsh performers at the top of their trees.
steve burns, london

I'm not Welsh, but through supporting Leeds United, I know who their greatest ever footballer is - and it's John Charles. Many who saw him play say he was one of the best ever players and not many Italians, never mind Welsh, have a statue built outside Juventus's Olympic Stadium.
James, Leeds, UK

I think he is already honoured with a statue in Cardiff, but definitely Aneurin Bevan.
Joanne, Salford, UK

JPR Williams without question
Kathy Murray, Manchester England

Jemima Nicholas. A Welsh cobbler who along with a group of women in Pembrokeshire repelled the French army during the last invasion of Britain in 1797
Karen Beddoe, Brecon, Wales

Only 30 plaques to start with? There will have to be some economies of scale to avoid disappointment: how about squeezing the Pontypool Front Row onto a supersize chunk of Welsh slate? Or dedicate a slate to the famous Fly Half Factory to accommodate Cliff Morgan, David Watkins, Barry John, Phil Bennett, Jonathan Davies and Stephen Jones...
Llewellyn, Banbury, Oxon

I think Sally Hodge and Nicole Cooke should be considered. They're both world champion cyclists.
Joe Crumb, Barnsley, UK

George Thomas! Late Speaker of the House of Commons - I heard him speak at a school prize giving when I was a kid - a fine Welsh inspiration!
keith jones, barcelona, spain

Neil Jenkins - one of, if not the best outside half to grace the game of rugby.

Ian Rush - footballer, on whose 'watch' Wales beat such giants as Germany.

The ENTIRE cast of 'Grand Slam', that classic piece of Welsh comedy!

Tom Pryce - the only Welshman ever to lead a Formula One Grand Prix and who was cruelly taken from us far too early.

Max Boyce - a legend!
Adam, Cardiff, UK

Terry Holmes, Ray Milland (1st Welsh born actor to win an oscar in billy wilder's 'Lost Weekend'), Shirley Bassey,Kenneth Griffith,Rachel Thomas are all musts.
Dermott John, Cardiff, Wales

How about Russel T Davies? He's not only put Dr Who back on the box, he's also produced many award winning programs like Casanova- and put Cardiff on the map in Torchwood
Malcom Davies, Cambridge UK

How about Ivor the Engine?
Mark Miers-Jones, Manchester, UK

dylan thomas & john cale i would think deserve the honour
mark wall,

The Super Furry Animals
Matthew Sanger, Southampton, England

Russell T. Davies! He's written much of the best television of the last decade - anyone who can get my Mum to watch gay sex on telly, and also revive Doctor Who and invent Captain Jack Harkness deserves a star. With Torchwood, he's currently doing much more for Welsh tourism than anyone else. He's turning Cardiff from glum to glam.
Mezz Mezzrow, London, UK

John Charles....
Mike Heffernan,

Harry Secombe of goon and singing fame
David Maginnis, Leeds,uk

Maggot from the Goldie Lookin Chain, for putting Newport on the map for urban music!
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary, London, UK

Maggot from the Goldie Lookin Chain, for putting Newport on the map for urban music!
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary, London, UK

how is it possible to have a Walk of Fame without Barry John?
alan watkin jones, rode heath, cheshire

Nye Bevin, Betrand Russell, Lloyd George, John Charles, Gareth edwards, JPR Williams, Ray Miland, Anthony Hopkins Harry Seacombe, Ryan Giggs, Tani Grey-Thompson, Tom Jones, Manic Street Preachers, Shirley Bassey, Bryn Terfel Roy Jenkins, Henry V, Henry VII, Tommy Cooper, T.E. Lawrence, Richard Burton, Augustus John
Michael Kelleher, Abersychan, Wales

Charlotte Church? Neil Jenkins? What about scientists? Who actually makes a greater contribution to society?
Stewart, Glasgow

You don't get more famous than St Patrick, born in Wales in 385 AD and originally called Maewyn.
Griff, Cardiff, Wales

Obviously Phil Campbell the Welsh Guitar Wizard from Motorhead should be included. He had a high position in the recent Welsh Heroes project. He already has his star on the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame!
Nic McCartney, Fareham

I think Anne Robinson would be a good candidate for the walk of Welsh fame.
Paul, London

I sincerely hope Owain Glyndwr qualifies in the "politics" category! Incidentally, there are other Welsh movie stars who never seem to be mentioned besides Zeta-Jones, Hopkins & Burton - Colwyn Bay's Timothy Dalton and Neath's Ray Milland.
Pete Rogers, Swansea, Wales

R S Thomas
Peter Finch, Cardiff

Colin Jackson should be included too for his achievements in Athletics.
Darren, Henley, UK

I nominate Rhys Ifans for making it as a successful actor and giving hope to other aspiring actresses/actors that if you live in Wales you can still become a UK or even worldwide success.
Rachael Lewis, Newport, Wales

Shakin' Stevens!!!!
Rachel, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Got to include Windsor 'Lovely Boy' Davies.
Rich, Exeter, Devon

Colin Jackson definitely needs to be there. Football stars - John Toshack, Mark Hughes, Ryan Giggs. Shirley Bassey without a doubt. Dylan Thomas.
Richard W, Cardiff, Wales

Aled Jones gets my vote as he encompasses a variety of entertainment genres and has been moving hearts and minds with his singing since childhood.
Sandy Bharat, Oxford

I would nominate Bryn Terfel as an outstanding ambassador for all that is best in Welsh music.
Susan Jay, Crowthorne England

The philosopher Bertrand Russell.
Richard Yeo, Cardiff

I think the legendary flyweight boxer, Jimmy Wilde, should get a place, no doubt. He was once recognised by American sportswriters as one of the top 5 pound for pound boxers ever. He hailed from Quakers Yard and was known as 'the ghost with the hammer in his hand'. This was because he was so frail looking and thing but he had a knockout punch. The man was a remarkable boxer who never ever gets the recognition his achievements merit.
Lee Ashford, Barry

Superted - Best Welsh superhero ever.
Alex, Newport

Ian Rush a football legend !!
Paul, Bristol

I've looked at all the nominations and can't believe that no-one has suggested Shirley Bassey. If ever there was a superb ambassador for Wales it is her. Originally from Tiger Bay, she has not only sung two bond themes, but has had a career that has spanned decades!
Anne Pink, Bath

Oi, all you Who fans! Yes, Russell - but surely Julie Gardner's an equally worthy candidate?

I'm surprised noone's suggested Tanni Grey-Thompson - she's amazing. Plus all the famous Welsh Nationalist figures - Owain Glyndwr, Llywelyn Ap Gruffydd. Does seem a bit of a shame though that once again Cardiff gets all the glory and not somewhere else.
Lush, Builth, Powys

Craig Bellamy and Charlotte Church spring to mind...
St. David, London

I think that mount snowdon should be featured as it is a recognised feature of Wales
Leon, Stoke on Trent

The man, the legend...H from Steps
Wyn, Chester

What about the famous chaps of the Welsh regiment at Rooke's Drift made famous in the film Zulu. I think all the names mentioned so far all should be there.
Caledfryn Jenkins, London UK

Ivor Novello, Dylan Thomas, Aneurin Bevan, Gareth Edwards, Richard Burton, Lawrence of Arabia, Lloyd George, Lord Tonypandy, Bryn Yemm, Charles Rolls (Rolls Royce) and Owain Glyndwr ... oh and Tom Jones!
Catherine, London (but Welsh)

You have to include under politics and business Robert Owen, born in Newtown and founder of the Co-op.And alongside Dylan Thomas the war poet Wilfred Owen should be honoured under literature and the arts - and make it a long walk - there are plenty of others !
Ceri Morgan, Worcester UK

Hang on... Glyn Wise?
Christopher Teague, Wales

I think Cliff Morgan deserves a star in Cardiff
Claire, Southampton

Carwyn James-simply the best. Wales greatest Rugby Coach, masterminding a series victory for the British Lions in New Zealand in 1971 and a stunning triumph for Llanelli against the All Blacks in October 1972.Sadly missed.....
Kirk, England

Gavin Henson...for that kick
John Welsh, Aberafan

If Charlotte Church is in there then Cerys Matthews should be in there too.
David, Lanark, Scotland

Errol the Hamster. Get him on there.
David Bennett, Caerphilly, Wales

Aled Haydn Jones from the BBC Radio 1 Chris Moyles' Breakfast show!
Fiona , Windsor, Berkshire

Dave Edmunds, one of the best blues guitarists ever. Andy Fairweather Low, ex lead singer with Amen Corner and still a fine guitarist. Barry John the greatest Welsh rugby player ever.
Stephen, Saffron Walden

Desmond Llewellyn should be on the walk of fame for his outstanding contribution to the James Bond movies.
Ian Dugmore, Newbridge

William Williams Pantycelyn, one of Wales's greatest writers
Ian Williams, London

Mike Peters of the Alarm who produced a large and great musical output.
Ian Gooden, Cambridge

Carol Vorderman because she has done so much for learning. She went to school in Rhyl and grew up in Denbigh.
Graham Lawlor, Abergele, Wales

I'd nominate David Broome - Olympic Silver medallist & has done a HUGE amount for the sport ever since. It would be wonderful if his work could be recognised
Jacquie, caerleon

Ioan Gruffudd - Welsh phwoar factor!
Jen, Kendal, UK

They'd save a bundle on admin if they simply decided to give a plaque to each of the 27 (approx) members of Goldie Lookin' Chain. And let's not forget Howard Marks.
Jon Brend, Biggleswade, UK

Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals, John Toshack, Ryan Giggs, Gareth Edwards, Zeta, Anthony Hopkins, Terry Matthews, George Everest, Mark Williams, Ray Reardon, Joe Calzaghe, Colin Jackson, Tom, Ivor Novello, Dylan Thomas, Ian Woosnam.
Jon Hopkins, Neath, South Wales

I think Kath jenkins after all she is the forces sweetheart. What about Tim Vincent of Blue Peter fame - he is afterall a cute Welsh Boyo
Jason Hughes, London

The legendary Rhidian Wynn Davies!
Lee Shannon, London, England

What about our famous scientists and technologists. Alfred Wallace (Natural Selection), Edward Bowen (Radar work), SIr Chris Evans (Biotech) to name a few.
Dafydd, Cardiff

Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, the Welsh link in the greatest comedy show of all time.
Paul B, Cardiff, Wales

Giraldus Cambrensis, perhaps better known as Gerald of Wales. Of course, really we should celebrate these figures nationally. Why should not Lloyd George stand alongside Adam Smith and William Pitt?
Ben Turner, London, UK

Tommy Cooper, born in Caerphilly. The funniest Welshman of all time.
Andrew, Stafford UK

Roald Dahl should be on the Welsh walk of fame. Born in Llandaff, Cardiff from Norwegian descent.
Michelle, Cardiff

Huw Edwards for inveigling his way into everyone's homes and edjacatin' us.
Carys Owen, London

Siān Phillips. Outstanding actress.
Paul Surridge, Bristol, England (Originally from Risca)

Lostprophets! They're the best British band by far and have been for years.
, Surrey

The Osmonds! Apparently the family originate from Wales.
John, Glasgow, Scotland

1970's Welsh rugby team. I watched them as I grew up - inspiring, talented, modest - unlike our new perma tanned waxed Mr. Henson.
Andy, london

How about Prime Minister David Lloyd George and Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, arguably the last native Prince of Wales?
mark, London

What about Russell T Davies? He's done far more to put Wales - and Cardiff in particular - on the map in the past couple of years than the likes of Zeta Jones or Hopkins. How many others out there looked at the photo of Roald Dahl Plass at the top of your article and immediately thought "Torchwood"!!
Delia S, Nr Wembworthy, Devon

Tyrone O'Sullivan - as a symbol of the 200-plus miners who proved that Welsh pits could be worked from the dark days of the Thatcher government.
Kunnagh Scott, Bristol

I'm not from Wales either but a big shout surely for the bands Datblygu and Anhrefn who stuck to their guns, sang in their own language and paved the way for the crop of indie bands that followed in the 90's
leigh, reading

The one and only Fireman Sam!
Ben, Sheffield

Scott Gibbs
Dai, pontypridd

I think this is a fantastic idea, Wales has produced a great amout of gifted stars. Brilliant!!
Claire Wheatley, Barry, Wales

Obviously, the Welsh Rugby starts of the 70's, Barry John, JPR Williams, Gareth Edwards and many more. Dylan Thomas. Max Boyce.
David H, London & Cardiff

I recommend Dylan Thomas and John Charles, be included in this list
David Nicholls, Swansea Wales

Bryn Terfel should be the first name nominated. As a fantastic ambassador for all things Welsh, from the language to 'the voice' and all with such good grace and courteous manners.
Diana Wynne, Blackwood, Wales

Jones The Steam off-of 'Ivor the Engine' (as the most recognisably Welsh personage to most people in the UK) is clearly in the running.
Eamon Scrabley, London

Carl Morgan from Tonyrefail would be my nomination. Never heard of him? Well he's an ordinary working class man who works hard in a factory to feed his family. Loves his wife and his boy, likes a beer and is fond of his grub. Supports the Welsh Rugby team with a passion and the same goes for the Welsh football team. He's not famous but he represents thousands of ordinary decent Weslshmen. He is the epitomy of the good old fashioned Welsh Valley Boy!!
Duncan Kerr, Glasgow, UK

Dylan Thomas, brilliant poet, not even mentioned in your article! I think he had a bit, (just a bit!), more talent than the guys you've mentioned. Shame on you! Do not go quietly!
Alan Higgins, London UK

The gentle giant -John Charles
Ben R, cardiff, wales

I'm not from Wales, and I know there are tons of people that should go on the walk, but my vote has to go to all of the members of the band the Super Furry Animals. There are very few bands in the world that are as consistently creative and know how to have a laugh while they're doing it. Pure genius.
Danny D, Manchester, England

Dylan Thomas
ed, Manchester UK

Not that Yank Hopkins and that's for sure. He gave up that right when he decided to take up US citizenship
Ed, Cardiff

Sir George Thomas, aka Lord Tonypandy. A lovely man.
Ellie, Bedford

Katherine Jenkins should definitely be honoured. She has a great voice, great looks and unlike some of her peers conducts herself in a totally professional and honourable manner. She is one of those people who helps to make Wales a great nation and deserves her place on the Walk of Fame.
Gordon Lewis, Southampton with Welsh ancestry!

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