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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 September 2006, 20:34 GMT 21:34 UK
Woman killed in orgy, court told
Christopher Reed and Kathy Williams
Mr Reed and Ms Williams allegedly killed Ms Jones during an orgy
A couple murdered a woman when a drunken orgy went "too far," a court has heard.

Mold Crown Court was told Kathy Williams, 30, and Christopher Reed, 40, killed 45-year-old Lorraine Jones after getting carried away during sex games.

Ms Jones, from Leeswood near Mold, was battered to death and her body dumped near Bala, Gwynedd, in 2005.

The pair, from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, deny murder and each has blamed the other. The trial continues.

Prosecutor Peter Hughes QC told the court on Thursday how the three had been involved sexually.

Rounding off his cross examination of former soldier Reed, Mr Hughes said: "What happened the night was a drink-fuelled orgy that both you and Kathy Williams were involved in.

"You were carried away with what you did to her body."

Cell confession

He added: "It was at least the fourth time in a period of about six weeks that Lorraine Jones had been victim of something like that.

"This time the two of you simply went too far."

Mr Reed denied the claims, saying the murder was nothing to do with him.

He was also asked why he changed his sofa and stairs carpet. He denied it was to dispose of evidence.

She told me that she had taken part in the murder and that her boyfriend was in bed when it was all going on
Gemma Louise Smith

In Mr Reed's defence, one of Ms Williams' fellow inmates at Styal Prison in Cheshire was called to give evidence.

Gemma Louise Smith, 21, told the court how Ms Williams had confessed to her in their cell how she had attacked Ms Jones while Mr Reed was asleep.

Ms Smith said: "She told me that she had taken part in the murder and that her boyfriend was in bed when it was all going on."

Ms Williams said she had "caved her [Ms Jones] head" with the butt of a knife, Ms Smith added.

But Neil Flewit QC, for Ms Williams, dismissed the claims and said Ms Smith was simply out to make mischief and improve her parole position.

The trial continues.


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