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Last Updated: Saturday, 23 September 2006, 13:11 GMT 14:11 UK
Welsh Ryder Cup's 'unique' asset
Celtic Manor Resort
A park and ride system is also being put in place
The director of the Ryder Cup's European tour has highlighted what he calls one of the advantages of Wales' venue for 2010, Newport's Celtic Manor.

George O'Grady said he is "confident" Wales can avoid traffic problems, one pitfall which has befallen the Irish.

He said a "unique" asset of the Celtic Manor was 6,000 cars could park within walking distance of the opening shot.

The Ryder Cup is currently taking place near Dublin, and is being watched closely by Wales' planning team.

It is thought as many as 25 officials from Wales, who have been dubbed "Team Wales", are at the K Club in Co Kildare trying to learn from Ireland's effort.

Bryn Terfel at the Ryder Cup in Ireland
The lovers of golf will love the fact that it's in Wales
Bryn Terfel

The Welsh assembly, local authorities, and police are among the bodies represented.

Mr O'Grady said hosting the Ryder Cup was an "enormous undertaking".

He said that if Wales wanted to do better than Ireland, it would take "a lot of doing".

But he said the layout of the Newport venue gave it an advantage with regard to traffic problems.

"The great thing about Celtic Manor is that we think 6,000 cars are going to park effectively within walking distance of the property, which makes it unique," he said.

'Great confidence'

Mr O'Grady said one park and ride system was also being planned.

"I think that gives us great confidence, if the final road systems are perfected," he added.

The owner of the Celtic Manor, Sir Terry Matthews, said the 2010 Ryder Cup was shaping up to be a "spectacular" event.

"This will be the first time a special facility's put in place, the first time special areas have been set aside for the hospitality and the public viewing areas, and we are also building a brand new club house," said Sir Terry.

Opera star and keen golf fan Bryn Terfel, who is at this year's Ryder Cup, said he was exited about the plans for 2010.

"It's not only going to help golf, but even the culture of Wales, all these people, its global, its fantastic, international, whatever you want to call it.

"The lovers of golf will love the fact that it's in Wales," he added.

City prepares for golf fan influx
05 Jan 06 |  South East Wales

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