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Dirty Sanchez's movie premiere
Dirty Sanchez
The movie was shot all over the world over five weeks
Four friends who make up Dirty Sanchez - famed for their TV series of extreme stunts - unveiled their new film at its UK premiere on Thursday.

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie was premiered in Cardiff and it features former drug baron, Howard Marks as the devil.

Dainton, from Cwmbran, Pancho from Port Talbot, Pritchard from Cardiff and Joycey star in the film version.

The 94-minute feature sees them travelling the world surrendering themselves to the seven deadly sins.

At the beginning of the film the Sanchez boys, who accidentally kill themselves, are given a challenge by the devil.

If the boys want to come back to life, they must complete the seven deadly sins in different locations all over the world.
The Dirty Sanchez programme derived from Wales - so not being here for the premiere - it would be like having a birthday party with friends that aren't yours
Lee Dainton

They have to commit one of the seven deadly sins in each location: sloth in the Wales, anger in Moscow, Russia; envy in Ko Phi Phi and lust in Bangkok, Thailand; pride in Tokyo, Japan; gluttony in San Miguel, Mexico; and greed in the Dominican Republic.

Lee Dainton - formerly a carpenter with Torfaen Council - explained how they had filmed part of the production around the Newbridge area of south Wales and that returning to Wales for the UK premiere was important.

"The Dirty Sanchez programme derived from Wales - so not being here for the premiere - it would be like having a birthday party with friends that aren't yours."

Even though their stunts are extreme - and at times X-rated - Dainton said they were not life-threatening.

"Life-threatening situations are not funny - our stunts generally tend to be more bizarre," he said.

Dainton describes their 'lust' challenge in Bangkok: Pancho is given liposuction without anaesthetic, only beer.

Having skated professionally for years, the boys met each at various skateboard competitions across the UK.

The boys in Russia
The Sanchez boys feel 'anger' in Russia

To capture their stunts, Dainton bought the highest quality video camera he could afford and started to film them.

Then Joycey, Dainton, Pancho and Pritchard appeared on MTV UK and have been known to nail tender parts of their bodies to a table.

But Dainton said even though they "fall out constantly" they were "normal mates".

"We fall out but we kiss and make up," said the father-of-two from Cwmbran.

The film is a full-length version of the controversial MTV series of the same name.

The premiere took place at the Vue cinema in Cardiff on Thursday night.

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie is directed by Jim Hickey and produced by Bobby Allen and Rupert Preston.



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