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Wedding couple's Madonna surprise
Madonna and Guy Ritchie
Madonna and Guy Ritchie offered their congratulations to the couple
A couple celebrating their wedding were unexpectedly joined by pop icon Madonna at their reception.

Neil and Imogen McCarthy from Cardiff, had flown to Rome with 70 guests to get married and were holding their reception at a five-star hotel.

The singer, who was performing in Rome, was in the hotel with husband Guy Ritchie. When she spotted the reception, she joined them for a chat.

The DJ played Madonna's single Hung Up which apparently failed to amuse her.

Madonna played Rome earlier this week as part of her Confessions tour, where she staged a mock-crucifixion which had been condemned by religious leaders.

As she dined with her husband at the city's Hotel De Russie, she was spotted by wedding DJ Valeria De Luca who promptly played one of her hit singles.

Luca Lacovello, who helped organise the party, said guests had recognised Madonna but thought it impolite to draw attention to her.

If it had been an Italian wedding and Madonna walked in there would have been mass hysteria, but no-one raised an eyelid although everyone knew she was there
Luca Lacovello

But when the star discovered that a British wedding party was on the hotel's terrace, she went out to join them.

"When Madonna walked into the reception with her husband everybody recognised them," Luca Lacovello said.

"The DJ put on one of her records, Hung Up, which she wasn't happy about but all the party at the wedding behaved with typical British reserve.

"If it had been an Italian wedding and Madonna walked in there would have been mass hysteria, but no-one raised an eyelid although everyone knew she was there.

Madonna on Confessions tour
Madonna has defended a controversial mock crucifixion

"Madonna and Guy had their dinner and the wedding party continued and at the end Madonna walked up and congratulated the couple and wished them luck for their wedding.

"It was completely unexpected and was an added bonus for their wedding day."

The McCarthys, who are currently on their honeymoon, were unavailable for comment.

Jason Harding, general manager at St David's Hotel in Cardiff, where Mrs McCarthy works, said: "I can confirm Imogen is a member of staff and got married in Rome at the weekend.

"This is the first I have heard about this - we shall have to ask her all about it when she gets back."

A spokeswoman at the Hotel De Russie in Rome said: "I can confirm that Madonna and her husband had dinner at our terrace restaurant.

"I can also confirm that at the same time there was a wedding reception taking place with a British bride and groom, but I cannot say anything else.

"I have to respect the privacy of our clients both famous and not famous."

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