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Two injured as plane crash lands
Police said the occupants were lucky to escape the crash alive

A husband and wife were injured after a light aircraft crash landed on an industrial estate road between cars.

The plane skimmed house roofs, hit a factory roof, and flipped onto its back on the road running through Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd.

South Wales Police said the couple, in their 50s and heading home to the Surrey area, were lucky to be alive.

They were taken to hospital in Llantrisant. Their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Witnesses described the plane hitting a factory roof and a wall before it crashed into the road at the Upper Boat end of the estate at about 1300 BST.

The tail and another part of the aircraft broke off and landed near the Dougfield warehouse.

Both carriageways of the road running through the estate were closed.

The plane's cockpit
You would not think anyone could survive a crash like that
Scott Gopsill

The aeroplane took off less than 30 minutes earlier from Cardiff International Airport, about 20 miles (32km) away.

Workers from nearby businesses on the industrial estate rushed to the scene of the crash.

Martyn Darby, 28, an employee of PTS plumbing suppliers said: "I was just in the warehouse loading a van, and I heard a big crack, it was loud as hell.

"I heard a woman shouting for help and crying. I ran straight out there and saw a lot of dust. When I got round the corner I was expecting to see a car crash but it was a plane."

Mr Darby said the plane crashed between two cars. "It could have been a hell of a lot worse," he added.

Scott Gopsill, 22, and his student sister Shelley were sunbathing in their garden at Upper Boat when they saw the plane above their heads.

"First we heard the spluttering of an engine and then we saw this two-seater orange plane right above," he told BBC News.

They have both been taken to hospital shaken and shocked, but from the look of things they are lucky to be alive
South Wales Police

"The plane must have been about three or four metres off the ground.

"We looked at each other in total disbelief and then as we're both first aiders we ran down to where the plane had crash landed."

By the time Mr Gopsill, a marketing company manager, and his sister got there emergency crews were on the scene, helping the pilot and the passenger.

"You would not think anyone could survive a crash like that," he added.

A South Wales Police spokeswoman said: "It contained a married couple in their 50s who we believe were flying back in the direction of home, which is the Surrey area.

"They have obviously tried to make an emergency landing but one side of the plane clipped the roof of an industrial unit and they flipped on to the road.

Plane being moved by crane
The wrecked aircraft was later moved from the road

"They have both been taken to hospital in Llantrisant, shaken and shocked, but from the look of things they are lucky to be alive."

A spokesman for Cardiff International Airport said the plane, believed to be a Fox kit build model, took off at 1243 BST on Tuesday.

The plane had also flown yesterday without any problems, said the spokesman, but during this flight air traffic control lost contact with it.

The road reopened within two hours of the crash.

"I'm very surprised it didn't hit a car as this road is very busy"

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