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Smashing time for cricket pundits
Edward Bevan
Edward Bevan ducked to avoid being hit by the ball

Cricket pundits at a match in Cardiff came closer to the action than they expected when the ball smashed through their commentary box window.

It happened during the Twenty20 Cup match between Glamorgan and Gloucestershire on Monday.

As Glamorgan batsman Richard Grant hit a six, BBC Wales' Edward Bevan said: "That's coming up towards us."

That was followed by the loud crash of breaking glass and Bevan noting: "It's come through the commentary box."

Bevan was alongside the former Glamorgan and England fast bowler Steve Watkin and they joked that it had made a mess of both the ball and the window.

Watkin said: "I should have caught that one, shouldn't I?"

Bevan said it was the second time in 18 years a ball had come through the window at the Cardiff ground.

"I'm still alive to tell the tale," he said.

You've got to keep your wits about you all the time
Edward Bevan

"Steve Watkin had the old adage: keep your eye on the ball always.

"He did it, I didn't - I ducked for cover.

"Quite seriously, it could have been quite dangerous because it came straight through the window and Byron Davies, who was scorer, did have a cut on his arm.

"He being the true professional didn't move of course - he was keeping the score - but it came right through the window.

"And it's not the first time it's happened either - it's the second time since I've been doing this job.

"That also happened against Gloucester many years ago.

"Ironically this commentary box of ours is coming down in a couple of weeks' time because the ground is being redeveloped.

"I don't suppose they will change the pane. They will save themselves the money and keep it there for a couple of weeks.

"You've got to keep your wits about you all the time," he added.

But despite the drama at the Welsh ground, Glamorgan's chance of qualifying for the quarter-finals of the cup were destroyed after they were beaten by five wickets against Gloucestershire.


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