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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 June 2006, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK
Child porn teacher jailed again
Christopher Booth
Booth faces a life sentence if he re-offends
An ex-teacher who was sent to prison for downloading child porn, has been jailed again for re-offending.

Christopher Booth, 46, of Mold, admitted possessing photographic equipment and using the internet - which breached a previous court order.

The former teacher at The Groves School in Wrexham was jailed for three years after admitting porn offences, and harassing a teenage girl.

He is already on the sex register and banned from working with children.

Booth was jailed for 15 months - later reduced to 10 months on appeal - for possessing child porn in November 2004.

He was released in April 2005, but in December that year a teenage girl told police he was repeatedly sending her text messages.

Booth had previously been dismissed from his teaching job for sending her text messages.

Matthew Dunford, prosecuting, said: "It appears from the papers that the defendant had, and still has, something of an obsession with her."

When police visited the home he shared with his elderly mother, they discovered photographic equipment and receipts showing he had subscribed to pornographic sites.

They also discovered 64 pornographic images.

Mold Crown Court heard Booth had breached a previous court order by having camera and recording equipment, and by surfing the net for porn.

Judge Mr Justice Butterfield said Booth was clearly unable to control his desires.

He added: "I take into account you guilty pleas, your co-operation with the police and the shame and disgrace that you have brought upon yourself and your family.

"But my first concern must be the protection of others."

Life sentence

His offence was compounded by the harassment of the girl, "with whom you are, or certainly were, in my judgement, obsessed," the judge said.

Jones admitted possessing 64 indecent photographs of children on his computer, and five counts of making indecent images by downloading them last year.

Myles Wilson, defending, said: "There can be no two ways about it, he recognises that he enjoys viewing pornography, especially pornography involving images of young teenage girls.

"Years ago such images would not be especially easy to obtain, now through the internet they are available at the click of a button from every home computer."

The judge warned Booth he would face a life sentence for public protection, if he persisted.


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