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Last Updated: Sunday, 7 May 2006, 17:47 GMT 18:47 UK
Charity returns mistaken donation
Generic picture of purse with money
The old purse contained 890 in cash
Almost 900 in cash has been returned to a pensioner after she accidentally left the money in a bag of goods donated to a charity shop.

Staff at the Powys Animal Welfare shop in Newtown discovered the money in an old purse found inside the bag.

They were able to trace the pensioner, a regular contributor to the charity, and return the savings.

The charity said it had never received such a large donation but immediately realised the money had to be returned.

A day's takings at the shop are nothing like 890 but we knew the money had to be returned
Aldwyth Bates, Powys Animal Welfare

Trustee Aldwyth Bates was among the charity workers sorting through donated items when the purse was found.

She said: "Myself and another volunteer, Julia Edwards, were sorting through bags when she held up an old purse and said 'look at this'.

"She opened it and it was full of bank notes.

"We thought it was children's money at first but then we were shocked to find it was 890 in 20s, 10s and 5s.

"By the way it was carefully folded, we realised it was someone's savings."

'Wonderful lady'

The charity, which rescues unwanted animals across Powys, realised the generous donation had been made accidentally and set about tracking down the unwitting donor.

The money was traced to an elderly lady - a regular contributor to the charity - who does not want to be identified.

Ms Bates said: "There was a card inside the purse with a name on it.

"We did a bit of investigating and we tracked it down to an elderly lady who regularly donates to us.

"She is a wonderful lady and she had been devastated to lose this money.

"We rely on donations to keep going and the people of Newtown are very generous, but we've never had anything like that amount.

"A day's takings at the shop are nothing like 890 but we knew the money had to be returned."



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