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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 April 2006, 21:06 GMT 22:06 UK
Cash found in charity shop video
Video with money
The money was discovered inside the cover of the video
An elderly woman who bought a 1.99 video from a charity shop discovered it concealed hundreds of pounds in cash.

Molly Thomas, 82, was amazed when 310 in cash dropped out of the video about Shire horses which she had purchased from Oxfam in Bridgend, south Wales.

The retired nurse decided to donate the money to the charity.

Mrs Thomas said the money was a lot to the people who would benefit from it. Oxfam Cymru said her donation would be put to good use.

Mrs Thomas told BBC Wales' news website: "The gentleman in the shop asked me what I like, and I like anything educational or about history.

I haven't got two pennies or a ha'penny but I'm a good manager
Molly Thomas

"He asked me if I like horses. I said not really, but he told me about the story and it sounded interesting. I came home and thought I'd put it into the slot ready to play."

Asked if she was tempted to keep the notes after they fell into her lap, Mrs Thomas said: "No, it wasn't my money. I haven't got two pennies or a ha'penny but I'm a good manager.

"I was brought up the right way."

A spokeswoman from Oxfam Cymru said: "310 will go a long way to help us in our work of overcoming poverty and suffering.

"In East Africa, for example, where there is a serious food crisis affecting 11 million of people, 300 will feed 240 children for a month.

"We're very grateful to Mrs Thomas for donating the money she found to Oxfam - it will certainly be put to good use."

Mrs Thomas added: "It's a lot to them and if I had the money, I wouldn't want to spend it."

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