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Last Updated: Friday, 24 March 2006, 14:14 GMT
Henson hopes Church will propose
Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson
The couple share a home in Cardiff
Wales rugby international Gavin Henson says he hopes his girlfriend Charlotte Church will propose to him.

The well-groomed star suggested the couple could be close to a trip down the aisle during an interview for BBC One's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Henson said: "She'd love to... I hope she'll ask me, but I suppose I'd better do it. We'd love a family together."

He also told Ross - no stranger to male grooming - about his two-hour pre-game beauty routine, including fake tan.

"It takes two hours to get ready - hot bath, shave my legs and face, moisturise, put fake tan on and do my hair - which takes a bit of time," Henson said.

"I need my fellow players to say I'm looking good, I need it for my confidence. It gives you a boost."

The 24-year-old centre added: "I don't want Charlotte to do my legs, she can concentrate on her own.

"Mine are smoother than hers."

During one of her own recent TV appearances, Church, 20, confessed she would be ready to marry Henson.

Asked by Davina McCall what she would say if he got down on one knee, she said: "Probably 'yes'!"

Henson and Church got together a year ago, and share her 500,000 Cardiff home.

He won the Grand Slam with the team in 2005, and returned to the squad midway during the disappointing Six Nations tournament after a long period of injury and suspension.

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is on BBC One on Friday at 2240 GMT.



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