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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 March 2006, 13:08 GMT
Online tool tackles IT in Welsh
By Clare Gabriel
BBC Wales News website

The new tool is designed to help people in the workplace
A whole glossary for the IT-generation of Welsh-speakers has been incorporated in a new database launched by the Welsh Language Board (WLB).

It says the new free linguistic tool is designed to help people find the right word whatever their walk of life.

Technological advances are reflected in laptop (coliadur), download (llwytho i lawr) or even cookies( briwsion) being included in the online dictionary

WLB chairperson, Meri Huws, described the database as "groundbreaking".

The board hopes the Welsh National Database of Terms, downloadable from its website, will lead the way towards "normalising the use of Welsh".

Ms Huws said: "The database is a significant development for Welsh users. We hope that the database will give people confidence to use Welsh in different aspects of their work."

Interactive white board = Bwrdd Gwyn Rhyngweithiol
Laptop = coliadur or gliniadur
Download = llwytho i lawr
Cookies = briwsion

Users can search the database for single terms or a combination. In contrast to other databases, the board says you can download terms to use in translating software memory, which will be a big help to translators.

Rhodri Llwyd Morgan, who was involved in the development of the database, said: "It's unique in the sense that you can download it into translation memory software and that will with time actually allow you to translate automatically with a machine".

"It's about trying to turn these new technical advances into something sensible that people can use".

Nia Parry, Welsh tutor and presenter the Wales Welsh in A Week programme which is shown on S4C, said when translating terms "you're trying to make it as simple as possible".

'Melting pot'

She said of course people drop English words into conversation in Welsh, like people speaking in French use English words.

"There's a real melting pot of languages and people draw on all kinds of different kits," said Nia Parry.

Mr Morgan said "When people learn Welsh at school or as adults....then they want a context.

"Increasing numbers of people are using Welsh in the workplaces and this is a tool for them to find the confidence that they can turn somewhere and find 'That's the Welsh word for...."

Welsh assembly minister Alun Pugh, whose portfolio includes the Welsh language, said: "New words and terms can cause uncertainty but the database offers ready assistance."

The language board said it was keen for other organisations to include their standardised terms in the national database in order to develop the resource further.

For those still stuck, there is also "Ydach chi wedi ceisio troi'r cyfrifiadur ymlaen ac i ffwrdd?", which is Welsh for "Have you tried turning it off and on?"

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