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Mastermind Cymru has the hot seat
The Mastermind chair
The black chair has been used since the show began in 1972
The Mastermind leather black chair, one of television's most famous icons, is heading to Welsh-language screens.

The swivel seat will appear in a Welsh version of the BBC quiz, which first appeared in 1972.

Mastermind Cymru will be made by BBC Wales and broadcast on S4C this year.

Magnus Magnusson was the first host, and his place was taken by Cardiff-born John Humphrys in 2003. The Welsh-language version will be hosted by Panorama presenter Betsan Powys.

I've started so I'll finish - Dwi di dechrau felly mi orffennai.
You have scored zero points - Da chi di cael dim pwyntiau o gwbwl
My specialist subject is Wales rugby successes - Fy mhwnc arbenigol i yw llwyddiannau rygbi Cymru.

Mastermind Cymru will follow the usual Mastermind format which has been largely unchanged since the show began.

The first round features questions on the contestant's specialist subject before a second round of general knowledge questions.

The search for contestants has already begun, with the series due to be recorded in June.

But the programme's most famous catchphrase will not be translated into Welsh.

Betsan Powys
The presenter's principal job never changes - to concentrate on the contestants and to help them give of their best
Betsan Powys

Ms Powys said she would invent her own counterpart to the "I've started so I'll finish" phrase used by both English-language hosts.

She said: "We have been discussing what I will say - but everyone will have to wait until the series is broadcast."

'Crosses barriers'

Ms Powys added: "I'm sure that having a female presenter will make a difference to the programme.

"I'm bound to be a bit different from presenters like Magnus Magnusson and John Humphrys, but the presenter's principal job never changes - to concentrate on the contestants and to help them give of their best."

The long-running programme has occasionally branched out from its tried and tested format with successful Junior Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind series.

Mastermind was also successful when it was produced in India.

John Humphrys, the Radio 4 Today presenter who was raised in the Splott area of Cardiff, said of the Welsh version: "Mastermind is obviously a programme that crosses language barriers and cultures.

"Because the Welsh are a very clever lot they'll obviously have no shortage of victims for the black chair."

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