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Three charged after match clashes
Molineux, home of Wolves
Seven arrests were made inside the ground
Police have charged three men after 17 arrests at Wolverhampton Wanderers' match with Cardiff City on Saturday.

Several police officers were injured, one with a suspected fractured jaw. Police have appealed for witnesses.

The second half of the Championship match was delayed by 15 minutes after clashes involving Cardiff fans and police in riot gear at half time.

Two men from Cardiff have been charged with public order offences and another with a drink-related offence.

Another 14 men have been released on bail.

Meanwhile, a Cardiff City Supporters' Club spokesman was critical of how the police handled the half time incident.

When you start seeing kids crying and women crying, the way they went about it, I could not believe it
Vince Alm, Cardiff City Supporters' Club, critical of police

More than 300 police officers were on duty at the Molineux stadium in Wolverhampton to prevent a repeat of problems at last season's fixture, which saw 30 arrests.

On Saturday, seven people were arrested inside the ground on suspicion of assault, disorder and being drunk whilst entering the ground.

West Midlands Police said some trouble continued after the game, which Wolves won 2-0, and 10 people were arrested on suspicion of assault and violent disorder.


Cardiff City Supporters' Club spokesman Vince Alm said he believed the problems at half time could have been avoided by the police.

He claimed that the situation escalated after riot police were sent in "too early".

Mr Alm said: "I got split from my daughter. I was trying to get to her. I didn't see here for 15 minutes, which was quite worrying. She's 14. It was a bit of a nightmare."

He said he believed the problems started when a few away fans were mistakenly sold alcohol at the start of half time, contrary to the expected routine.

'Witness statements'

Police quickly ordered the shutters to be pulled down at the bar, said Mr Alm. Some fans then banged on the counter, until police stepped in and quelled the disturbance.

He said: "There was obviously a mistake by the bar staff. A small group of Cardiff fans were banging on the counters. It had all just calmed down when in come the riot police."

Mr Alm claimed that fans were pushed and shoved as police moved through a confined area.

"There were minority of Cardiff fans who were having a go back, which probably didn't help," he said.

"When you start seeing kids crying and women crying, the way they went about it, I could not believe it. There was no need to send any riot police in there at all. It was all calm."

He said the supporters' club was collecting witnesses statements and planned to lodge a complaint with the West Midlands force.

As well as one police officer with a suspected broken jaw, another has a suspected fractured nose.

Inspector Chris McDermitt, based in Wolverhampton, said: "The second half of the match was delayed due to the significant risk of serious harm and injury to employees of the club and officers in the location.

"Officers took prompt action of at the ground to reduce the risk of further disorder and the risk of injury to officers and staff".

He said a police investigation had been launched and police were currently viewing CCTV taken during and following the game.

The force is appealing for witnesses for what happened outside the game in the Camp Street area and coach park.

"They escalated the problem...the only people hurt were the people not involved."

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