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Last Updated: Friday, 10 March 2006, 14:53 GMT
New baby for 'menopausal' woman
Deryn Minns, Dave Jones and baby Harry
Deryn Minns and Dave Jones with baby Harry
A woman from Powys has become a mother again despite being told by her GP that she did not need contraception because she was menopausal.

Deryn Minns, 46, from Welshpool, was already a mother to two teenage daughters when she discovered she was expecting another child.

She said she was angry at first as she had plans to develop her career.

But now she said baby Harry is the light of her life. "We wouldn't be without him," she said. "He's lovely."

Ms Minns had visited her GP to get contraception, but was told after some blood tests that she was going through the menopause and was therefore very unlikely to get pregnant.

"I kept checking dates and things and tried to be a bit careful," she said, "but obviously not careful enough"

Baby Harry
The family say they now would not be without Harry

When she realised she had missed a period, she was overly concerned but decided to do a pregnancy test "just to be on the safe-side".

When the test was positive, she said she did not believe it and was only convinced after five tests showed a positive result.

"At first I was angry, but the doctors are only doing their job and don't deliberately go out to tell you things if they don't believe them," she said.

"I was upset, I have to say. I've got a lovely job, I work at the hospital as a care-assistant and I was planning on becoming a nurse. This was going to turn my life up-side-down.

But after the shock subsided, she said the unexpected addition to the family became a joy.

"I'm very lucky," said Ms Minns. "I've got two lovely teenage girls, hopefully Harry is going to bring as much joy as them."

She also explained that her partner Dave Jones has become a first- time dad at the age of 49.

"I was really, really surprised at first," he told BBC Wales, "but as time has gone on I'm really pleased.

"It's the best thing that's ever happened to me."


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