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Are you crachach?
As the great and the good of Wales - or crachach as they're known - descend on Cardiff for the Senedd opening, try our quiz to find out if you should be on a VIP list or at least a committee.

Question 1
Where do you live or where would you like to live?
A: Pontcanna; Vale of Glamorgan or Usk Valley
B: Anywhere else in Wales
C: Anywhere else in the world
Question 2
Where do you take your weekend breaks?
A: Costa del Anywhere via Easyjet
B: Solva, Newport (Pembs) or Llandeilo?
C: Newport, home of rappers GLC
Question 3
Ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg?
A: Whaa?
B: Dw i'n dysgu
C: Ydw
Question 4
Where were you educated?
A: School of hard knocks and university of life
B: Bog standard comp
C: Ysgol gyfun/gynradd
Question 5
Where do you watch Wales play rugby?
A: Corporate hospitality or debenture seat
B: Through Currys' window
C: Down the Con club with the boys
Question 6
What is on your living room wall?
A: An Ikea print
B: A Kyffin Williams, personally signed of course
C: Woodchip wallpaper and Artex

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