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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2005, 18:48 GMT 19:48 UK
Asbo pensioner named and shamed
Iori Glyn Griffiths
Posters of Iori Glyn Griffiths have been circulated to all shopkeepers
North Wales Police have launched a major poster campaign against their most persistent offender.

Iori Glyn Thomas, who is 60 and from Bangor, has more than 240 convictions and has appeared in court 150 times.

He is serving a two-year criminal anti-social behaviour order (Asbo), banning him from Bangor town centre and licensed premises across Gwynedd.

Police said his behaviour had offended many people and if he entered the high street he faced a jail term.

It is rare for the police to take such measures and this is only the third time that North Wales Police have issued a poster campaign against an individual.

Mr Griffiths has been persistently offending since as far back as 1962
Police sergeant Brian Williams

But police sergeant Brian Williams has said that under these circumstances it was a necessary step.

"Mr Griffiths has been persistently offending since as far back as 1962," he said.

"And this anti-social individual has made 150 appearances before the court, and has a total of 247 offences recorded against him.

"He has been a constant source of irritation to the shopkeepers, the general public and the police alike.

"We have decided to name and shame this individual. His behaviour has been such on the high street that it will have offended many people," he added.

"The more people that know about him in Bangor the better."

The police have urged any members of the public who see Griffiths in Bangor high street to contact them.

They have promised that if he is caught in breach of the order he will be arrested and put before the court.

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