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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006, 11:57 GMT
Church is 'ready to marry Henson'
Henson and Church: Getty Images
Henson and Church are rarely apart
Charlotte Church has confessed she would marry her rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson if he proposed.

The Cardiff-born singer, who turns 20 next week, said she would accept if the Wales centre were to pop the question.

She opened her heart on Davina McCall's new TV chat show, which was shown on BBC 1 on Wednesday night.

Asked what she would say if the 24-year-old Ospreys player got down on one knee, the classical-turned-pop-star said: "Probably 'yes'!"

Church - who was nominated at this year's Brit Awards but failed to win - got together with Henson a year ago.

She recently moved into a 500,000 five-bedroomed home in Llandaff which she shares with Henson and the Jack Russell puppy he recently bought her as an early birthday present.

"I've always lived with Gav. Three months into our relationship I just moved in," she told McCall.

"Now we've got our own place and I decorated it all. I didn't get any interior designers in, my dad did it all for me.

"In my bedroom I have got an Indian theme with all beautiful saris. It's got lots of dark wood too so it's not too girly."

Gavin Henson: Barry Batchelor/PA
Henson is one of Welsh sport's most eligible bachelors

Despite having plenty of space for children, Church said she had not started feeling broody yet.

"Gavin bought me a little Jack Russell called Tina," she said.

"She's so beautiful. "She cried all night last night and I had to look after her so I'm absolutely knackered!

"Maybe that will deter me a bit - all those early mornings."

During the interview, Church also confessed she had embraced Gavin's healthy lifestyle and given up smoking.

"It's been really hard, as I smoked 20 a day. I didn't have any patches or anything." she said.

"There were lots of stories in the press saying that Gavin really wanted me to give up but he's not like that at all.

"Gavin never puts any pressure on me to be healthy or anything even though he's super-healthy.

"He's a dreamboat. He's naturally gorgeous. He doesn't spend hours doing his hair or anything - but the tan is fake!"

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