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Journey's end for memorial stone
The Falklands stone at its original site on the islands
The stone was found near the site of a famous battle
A stone which will form part of a Falklands War memorial arrived in Brecon on Sunday after an 8,500 mile journey from the south Atlantic.

The five-tonne rock is a gift from the people of the Falklands to Welsh veterans of the 1982 conflict.

On Sunday it was transported on the last leg of the journey by part-time soldiers from a TA regiment.

It is hoped the stone will form the centrepiece of a veterans' memorial to mark the 25th anniversary of the war.

Falklands veteran Andy 'Curly' Jones found the stone at the base of Mount Harriet, near the Falklands' capital Stanley on a visit to the islands last March.

Moving the stone from the Falklands
Soldiers helped start the stone on its journey to Wales

Mr Jones, a former Welsh Guardsman and secretary of the South Atlantic Medal Association in Wales (SAMA Wales), said: "I went back always with the intention of bringing a rock back home to Wales.

"But it wasn't until the last day just before we flew back that the rock appeared.

"I think it was like music and lights...the clouds parted and there it was a perfect shape".

The rock which stands seven foot high and almost the same distance in width is destined to be the centrepiece of a memorial which will honour all 250 from the UK forces who died in the Falklands war.


The stone was situated at the base of Mount Harriet, a famous battle site where Welsh Guards secured the start line for the British attack, and was moved from there by members of the armed forces now stationed on the islands.

On Sunday around 70 veterans of the conflict will gather at Brecon when the stone is brought on the last leg of its journey from Southampton by soldiers in the Royal Logistics Corps based at Maindy Barracks in Cardiff.

Mr Jones said it was hoped that the memorial with a plinth made of Welsh slate would eventually be erected at a site in Cardiff in time for the 25th anniversary of the conflict in 2007.

"It will commemorate the involvement of the taskforce but more than that its hoped it will be somewhere that wives, mothers, and girlfriends can remember all the boys who did not come home," he said.

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