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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 July, 2005, 15:44 GMT 16:44 UK
Plans to cut 200 BBC Wales jobs
Picture of BBC Wales, Cardiff
All BBC Wales departments are affected by the proposed cuts
Staff at BBC Wales have been told that 200 posts are threatened as part of an overall restructuring of the BBC.

BBC Wales Controller Menna Richards told staff on Thursday that BBC Wales hoped to achieve savings of 13.5% over three years - a total of 9.6 million.

She added that there was a prospect of major reinvestment once the savings were made over the next three years.

The reinvestment could include a rise BBC Network programmes produced and in local TV services in Welsh and English.

All departments will be affected by the cuts including the loss of some senior management positions.

BBC Wales will now consult broadcast trades unions about the proposals.

Ms Richards told staff: "The broadcasting world is changing and we cannot afford to be left behind.

"If we make these savings, BBC Wales stands to benefit from substantial reinvestment in the future including an estimated further 13 million of network commissions each year.

"But I appreciate how unsettling the proposed changes will be."

The BBC Wales job cuts are part of an overall scheme to implement 15% cuts across all BBC departments.

BBC Director General Mark Thompson has said the cuts are necessary to streamline the BBC.


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