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Reunion site 'changed our lives'
Picture of Nigel and Susan Williams
Nigel and Susan Williams had not seen each other for 27 years
A couple brought together by the Friends Reunited website have said the site - which is celebrating its fifth anniversary - has changed their lives.

Nigel and Susan Williams, from Northop, near Mold, rekindled a school romance after getting back in touch two decades later.

They became the first Friends Reunited couple to marry in 2002.

Friends Reunited, which has 12 million registered users, was set up in 2000 to help old school friends get in touch.

Former boyfriend and girlfriend Nigel and Susan had not spoken for 27 years since splitting up while at sixth form in Flint High School.

Nigel, 47, said his initial efforts to re-establish contact with Susan were not successful.

'Ignored message'

He added: "We had a little bit of a row - I can't remember what about now - a bit of a teenage tiff - and 27 years went by.

12 million people are registered on the site
5,000 new members register on average per day
The UK public has spent the equivalent of 4,500 years looking at the site
6.5 billion pages of the website are looked at in total

"I was surfing Friends Reunited and I sent a message along to say 'Hi, how are you and what have you been doing for the last quarter of a century?'

"Nothing came back."

Susan, 46, added that it was the only intervention of her best friend which eventually lead to her being reunited with Nigel.

She said: "I just ignored (the message), but unbeknown to me Nigel was also in touch with my best friend Jane.

"He revealed he had been in touch with me and I spoke to Jane about the bizarre e-mail I had 27 years out of the blue and it went from there.

"She became the engineer behind the meeting."

Picture of people brought together on Friends Reunited
People reunited on the site celebrate its anniversary

A meeting was arranged at the house of the pair's mutual friend and romance was rekindled more than two decades on.

Susan said: "Nigel was sitting there and it was as if the years rolled away.

"He had a huge bunch of red roses for me and we never looked back.

"Within six weeks he asked me to marry him and we got married five months later in the August."

Nigel added that as well as bringing them back together, using the website had brought out a change of career.

He added: "We've had a real whirlwind of a time - we've since both given up our careers. Friends Reunited has prompted us to take up photography as a business.

"When we tried to find a photographer on our marriage date we couldn't find one, so we now run our own photography business.

"It's great - it's changed our lives phenomenally".

Friends Reunited error pair marry
18 Apr 05 |  Somerset

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