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Rockin' MPs turn tables on Bono
(l-r) Kevin Brennan, Ian Cawsey, Pete Wishart and Greg Knight
MP4 shows that parties can work together
While rock stars set the political agenda, four MPs have repaid the compliment with the release of their own downloadable charity single.

MP4 are Kevin Brennan (Labour, guitar) Ian Cawsey (Lab, bass/vocals), Pete Wishart (ex-Runrig, SNP, keyboards) and Greg Knight (Conservative, drums).

It features the Beatles' Can't Buy Me Love, is available on the web and was launched at Westminster on Monday.

House Music also includes a Kevin Brennan original, Foolish Game.

Other tracks are versions of Midnight Hour and My Old Friend the Blues.

It's OK doing a speech in front of your fellow MPs, to perform is an entirely different prospect
Pete Wishart MP

The Cardiff MP said: "Since Bob Geldof and Bono are doing a bit of politics, why shouldn't we do a bit of music?"

"It's a real break way from politics for an hour or so. Politics really doesn't enter in to it at all, when we get together, we just get together as a band.

"But it is quite convenient that we're politically balanced with two opposition members and two government members because, if there ever does come a time when we need to ask to be away from the whip, we're not going to affect the outcome of any votes."

Despite being the band's only source of writing talent, Mr Brennan said they had no plans to pen a pile of protest songs.

"We'll leave the political protest to the musicians, we're politicians and we're going to dabble for a mercifully short time in a bit of music," he said.

(l-r) Kevin Brennan, Ian Cawsey, Pete Wishart and Greg Knight
The band's single is available to download on the internet

Mr Wishart, who was a professional musician for years, said MP4 had "caught the imagination and enthusiasm" of their Westminster colleagues, but admitted that playing was a nerveracking experience.

"It's OK doing a speech in front of your fellow MPs, to perform is an entirely different prospect," he said.

As well as coming from three sides of the political spectrum, MP4 also draws its members from across the UK. Kevin Brennan represents Cardiff West, Ian Cawsey is MP for Brigg and Goole, Pete Wishart represents Perth and North Perthshire and Greg Knight is MP for East Yorkshire.

Any money raised will go to Save the Children.

Hear MP4 in action
The launch took place on the Thames

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