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DIY enthusiast died in own shower
A post mortem examination revealed he had been electrocuted
A man was electrocuted using a shower that he had wrongly installed himself, an inquest has heard.

Technician Mark Eldon, 27, died at his house in Bridgend, south Wales, last December.

Recording a verdict of accidental death by electrocution, Bridgend coroner Philip Walters warned people doing DIY that they were risking their lives.

After the hearing, Mr Eldon's mother said it was "a horrendous accident" as her son struggled to renovate his home.

Mr Eldon, who fitted electronic lottery machines, had spent six years restoring the terraced house in Rees Row.

The inquest heard Mr Eldon was using an extension lead from his mother's house next door for his electricity supply.

He worked very hard and was struggling to get his house renovated, he was doing it all by himself
Maureen Hodgson, mother

The coroner said: "It is clear that this has arisen from faulty electrical installation.

"It is essential that electrical installations are professionally fitted so these incidents can be avoided."

The hearing was told that Mr Eldon was last seen alive on 16 December 2004 by friends, when he told them that his mother's shower was blocked and he would use his own before meeting them later.

The court heard Detective Sergeant Clive Bevan, of South Wales Police, said officers broke into the house on 20 December and found Mr Eldon naked in his bathroom with the shower unit pulled on top of him. His body showed evidence of electrical burns.

'Lovely boy'

Mark Gilson, an investigator for the Health and Safety Executive, told the inquest that the shower unit had been "sub-standardly installed" and "the system was unsafe".

"There were no earthing devices in the house and the shower was not wired properly," he said.

Mr Gilson told the hearing that Mr Eldon would have been electrocuted as soon as he touched the metal showerhead.

A post mortem examination showed he was electrocuted.

After the inquest, Mr Eldon's mother, Maureen Hodgson, said: "He was a lovely boy, he was a gentleman and was kind and considerate.

"He worked very hard and was struggling to get his house renovated, he was doing it all by himself. This was an horrendous accident."

Man electrocuted in shower
28 Dec 04 |  South East Wales

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