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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 July, 2005, 19:42 GMT 20:42 UK
'Incredible calm' on trapped Tube
Police cordon at Aldgate after the bombings
Police security cordone at Aldgate underground station after the bombings
A Welsh MP trapped on the Tube for half an hour during the London explosions has spoken of an "incredible calm".

Wrexham Labour MP Ian Lucas was among passengers evacuated from the front carriage at King's Cross station.

"There were people coming from the platform opposite covered in soot," he said. "They had what looked to be superficial injuries.

"The strangest thing is that it was incredibly calm. There was no screaming at all. Everybody was just walking."

Mr Lucas had been travelling from London Bridge to Euston to catch a train home when his Tube train stopped in a tunnel.

Acts of unspeakable barbarity
First Minister Rhodri Morgan
Mr Lucas said that there was no explanation for the stop or evacuation.

"Nobody knew what was going on... I was calm because everybody else was, everybody was walking. At that stage nobody knew what had happened."

Meanwhile political and religious leaders in Wales condemned the attacks.

First Minister Rhodri Morgan called them "acts of unspeakable barbarity".

"The whole of Wales will feel nothing but revulsion at these savage acts of terrorism targeted at commuters during London's busy rush hour," he said.

"On behalf of the people of Wales, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the relatives of those killed and injured in this morning's attacks.

'Deplorable, cowardly'

"Our thoughts are with them and we offer them our unequivocal support and solidarity at this time."

Mr Morgan said the timing of the attacks was no coincidence.

"If disrupting the G8 summit was in the minds of the perpetrators of this morning's outrage, then the terrorists have failed," he said.

Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan said: "The terrible nature of today's attacks have shocked people - from all religious communities and of none.

"I know that in churches across Wales, people will, like me, be praying during the coming hours, days and weeks for those who have lost their lives, been injured or bereaved as a result of these awful acts."

Plaid Cymru President Dafydd Iwan said: "It is the innocent who always get hurt at times like these, and we must always declare that violence never solves anything, but only begets more violence.

We must always rise up against violence, and for the cause of peace."

Nick Bourne, leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh assembly, said they were "deplorable, cowardly attacks on our capital city and on our way of life.

"It was motivated by nothing more than pure hatred for the freedom we all enjoy in this country."

Mike German Leader of the Assembly Liberal Democrats, speaking from the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, said: "In Llangollen this week we have seen the joy of international co-operation with different cultures coming together and sharing their traditions.

"The moral contrast between those who seek to disrupt and destroy and those who are working together to share understanding and build a brighter future could not be more stark."


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