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Last Updated: Monday, 16 May, 2005, 10:11 GMT 11:11 UK
Church returns to 'belter' voice
Charlotte Church at the Tsunami Relief concert at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday 22nd January 2005
Church said she had a 'belter' voice before turning to classical singing
Charlotte Church said she has returned to her "belter" voice for her first pop single, eschewing the classical tones which made her famous.

The 19-year-old's new single entitled Crazy Chick, was played on Radio 1 ahead of its release next month.

"It's this big strong belter voice, which is how I sang before I sang classical," she told the BBC

Wales-based bookmakers Jack Brown are offering odds of 5-2 on the record going straight to No. 1 in the charts.

Cardiff-based Church told Radio 1: "The record's quite poppy but it's got a bit of Motown influence, which I think is pretty cool.

"I'm singing my little heart out on it."

She said her "belter" voice was the one she used before she started singing classical numbers at age eight.

Charlotte Church at the opening of a memorial garden in Cardiff
The singer is popular with the public, says Briggy Smale

"So I've always been able to sing like that, so it was a pretty natural transition for me, really."

BBC entertainment reporter Briggy Smale said she was surprised by Church's delivery of the number.

She said: "People are going to be very surprised to find that it's her because of the voice because there is no hint of what she was before in it.

"She's got the strength in the voice. She clearly has got a far better voice than most of the current female pop singers.

"It's definitely better than the dance track a few years ago when she was still singing in her opera style.

'Sexy song'

"My only concern is how she is going to project herself when she is performing it. Her image is a little confusing."

Church's portrayal in the tabloid media, she went on, varies between photographs of her in jeans and slippers to ones of her looking "glammed up" for parties.

"I would like to see her like a vixen on stage prowling around the stage looking very sexy because it's a sexy song."

Church remembers Irish roots
21 Mar 05 |  Wales

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