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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 May 2005, 15:59 GMT 16:59 UK
Wales voters' panel: John Turner on the result

John Turner
Name: John Turner
Age: 52
Lives: Barry
Works: Self-employed
Original voting intention: Labour
Final voting intention:
In 10 words or less:

"Open minded and enthusiastic. Good at seeing the big picture."
Well, it's all over. Let's be honest, it was a poor election campaign by all parties.

The backdrop of this election was a good deal of dissatisfaction with the Labour. So has each party got its just desserts?

Plaid Cymru need to widen their appeal if they are to make headway.

Despite a massive protest vote against Labour, the Lib Dems remain very much the third party and their claim to be the "real alternative" has a hollow ring to it.

Kennedy fought a poor campaign based around the Iraq war. He will not be able to rely upon that in 2009 and most Labour voters will return to their natural party.

The Lib Dems will remain a minority party until they find a strong leader and create some relevant policies.

Michael Howard used the "politics of the gutter" throughout his campaign. Did it work? Well, not really!


A third successive Labour victory has shown the distaste that the majority of people feel for Howard.

What next for the Tories? The burning question is: "When will Howard resign or when will he be stabbed in the back?"

The other question is: "Who will replace him?" I suspect a further lurch to the right.

It would have been so easy for Blair to say "I got the war wrong - sorry," and he would probably have had a third landslide victory.

Like all good leaders, however, he stuck to his principles.

Despite a vitriolic and negative campaign against Blair, Labour swept to a third successive victory.

What does that mean for all of us? Economic stability and a fairer society.

Well done Labour! The right result for the country.

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