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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 16:10 GMT
Brothel 'slavery' gang sentenced
Gjergj Mungiovi-Cuka and Akil Likcani
Gjergj Mungiovi-Cuka (left) and Akil Likcani
Two men guilty of "21st century slavery" have been sentenced to six and four years' custody for forcing a woman to work as a prostitute in Cardiff.

Last month, Gjergj Mungiovi-Cuka, 19, was found guilty of being part of a gang who bought a Lithuanian woman for 5,000 in London in 2004.

On Thursday he was sentenced to four years' custody at Cardiff Crown Court.

His accomplice Akil Likcani, received six years after admitting trafficking and controlling a prostitute.

It is intolerable that such a trade exists in a civilised society
Judge Phillip Richards

A third man - known as Benny - remains at large.

The woman, who was 20 at the time, had been forced to work in three brothels - Abygale's, the Executive Sauna and No 19.

Mungiovi-Cuka's trial was told that she was expected to have sex with up to nine men a day before handing over earnings of around 1,225 a week to the gang.

Sentencing Mungiovi-Cuka and Likcani on Thursday, Judge Phillip Richards said: "Both of you were involved in an evil trade which has been described as the 21st century's slavery.

"You did it on a purely immoral basis. It is intolerable that such a trade exists in a civilised society."

Abygale's massage parlour
Abygale's was one of the venues in which the woman worked

Both men will serve their sentences in a young offenders' institution.

Likcani, an ethnic Albanian who was living in Cathays, Cardiff, will be deported at the end of his sentence.

Mungiovi-Cuka, of Caldicot, has a British passport and can remain in the UK when is he released.

Daniel Williams, prosecuting, told the court how the Lithuanian woman was taken to Cardiff by the gang.

He said: "She was taken to London from Lithuania and sold to the men for 5,000. She was spruced up for their visit to fetch the best price."

Gang's threats

Mr Williams added: "They would interrogate her about many men she had sex with and told her that if she ran away she would be sold to another gang.

"Benny told her she would be beaten, have her hands and feet cut off and have her body sent to her relatives piece by piece.

"Benny also told her that her eight-year-old sister would be kidnapped and sent to Albania. She was petrified."

The gang gave her no money of her own and she was starved to keep her slim for customers, the court heard.

At his trial, Mungiovi-Cuka had denied knowing the woman was a prostitute, but the woman told the court that he was responsible for driving her to and from the brothels.

Leighton Hughes, defending Likcani, asked the judge to give his client credit for his guilty plea, adding that he had not made large amounts of money from controlling the woman.

Jeremy Jenkins, defending Mungiovi-Kuka, said he was "not a prime mover or at the top of the organisation".

But Judge Richards told Mungiovi-Kuka: "You have shown no regret or remorse and...you made the victim come here and give evidence."


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