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Singer denies pint glass attack
Picture of pop group Pheena
Ceri Bostock (left) denies the glass attack
A singer with a Welsh girl band has denied deliberately smashing a pint glass over a man's head at a nightclub.

Ceri Bostock of the group Pheena is alleged to have attacked Robert Jones in Caernarfon in November 2004.

Caernarfon Crown Court heard on Tuesday that Mr Jones was left with three cuts to his head after the alleged assault.

Ms Bostock, 22, of Llandwrog, near Caernarfon, denies assault causing actual bodily harm and the trial continues.

The jury was told that Mr Jones had been at the nightclub with his new partner Gillian Parry Williams, ex-wife of Ms Bostock's uncle.

Prosecuting barrister Richard Mullan told the court that Ms Bostock told police that she intended to pour a drink over Mr Jones after he made a comment about her mother, but Mrs Parry Williams had pulled her hair and she dropped the glass.

Best pop act

Mr Mullan said: "She says it was an accident. The Crown says it was an attack."

Both Mr Jones and Mrs Parry Williams rejected the suggestion by defence counsel Steven Everett that they were aggressive towards Ms Bostock.

"I didn't touch Ceri at all," Mrs Parry Williams said.

Mr Jones was left with three small cuts on his head following the alleged assault, the jury heard.

Ms Bostock's band, Pheena, was formed in 2002.

The band was named BBC Radio Cymru's Best Pop Act in 2004 and have also supported boy band Blue.

Pop star's assault charge
04 Feb 05 |  North West Wales


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