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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 April, 2005, 12:00 GMT 13:00 UK
'Don't call me babe', says survey
Pamela Anderson
As Pammy might say - don't call your colleague babe
Are you a mate in work meetings, cariad to your colleague or even a babe to your boss?

It sounds like fun, but employers and colleagues using informal ways of addressing staff members in Wales, beware - you may be driving them crazy.

The Welsh are the most likely to find the use of pet names like "love", "mate" or "honey" annoying, a survey has found.

Nearly one in 10 said they were offended by such names used at work.

Across the UK, the survey for Fish4jobs found 42% out of 2,000 people questioned had been called by a pet name in the workplace.

Top 10 pet names

However, the majority of people are relaxed about how they are addressed.

Exactly 30% think being called things like mate or love is harmless, and 11% positively welcome it - just 3% objected.

The survey, unsurprisingly, found that names which were traditional to an area were the least likely to cause offence.

Nearly 40% of Geordies consider the use of "pet" in the workplace as a term of endearment, but only 8% of Londoners would agree - if you want to get on with one in four of them, call them "sweetheart" instead.

Returning to Wales, it seems they are not a nation of "honeys". However, nearly one in three Scottish workers are happy to respond to the endearment.

But one taboo is constant across the UK - don't call anyone "sexy".

Nearly half said they found the term degrading.

Like Pamela Anderson's character in the film Barb Wire, a further 38% reacted strongly against the term "babe", despite the fact it is one of the most commonly used pet names.

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