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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 November 2005, 12:20 GMT
Terfel 'mistaken for Meatloaf'
Dead ringer: Meatloaf or Bryn Terfel?
Opera star Bryn Terfel has revealed that American rock fans often mistake him for rocker Meatloaf.

The bass baritone said that on trips to New York he frequently gets mobbed by Meatloaf fans asking for his autograph.

Terfel said that as a fan of the singer, best known for his album Bat out of Hell, he took the autograph requests as a compliment.

But he said he would draw the line at covering one of Meatloaf's famous rock anthems.

"People have come up to me in the street saying 'Hey Meatloaf, I love that song you do, Two Out of Three Ain't Bad,'" Terfel told the Daily Post newspaper.

Bryn Terfel
Terfel reveals that he is a fan of the American rocker

"It was more when I had long hair," he added.

Terfel, who is from Pantglas near Caernarfon spent time in New York earlier this year when he played Falstaff at the Metropolitan Theatre.

He said that as a fan of Meatloaf his favourite song was Bat out of Hell.

But despite his admiration for the long haired rocker, he said he couldn't be persuaded to cover one of his songs.

"Never in a month of Sundays - it would be wrong. You should draw the line at that," he said.

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